Can’t You Hear Me Rockin’? – A Guitar Hero Mockumentary

Can't You Hear Me Rockin?This past weekend I decided to give my brand new Panasonic HVX200 a test run, so me and a few friends set out on a journey that would change the way we live our lives forever. The end result is this four and a half minute short that tells the story of two very different brothers who share a love of music. However, an obssession with Guitar Hero has ultimately torn them apart. Shot in HD, and compressed for the web, this is the first of what we hope to be a series of original video content created specifically for Film Junk and my personal site, You check out the high quality version by clicking on the link below (recommended) or you can settle for the youtube version at the bottom of this post. We hope you enjoy.

Right Click and ‘Save As’ to download ‘Can You Hear Me Rockin’?’

  • Mike

    sweet. I will have to wait until i get home from work to watch this but i’m pretty excited already.

  • Nice! Definitely funny. I was especially curious as my girlfriend just wrote a short and we were thinking about renting the Panasonic HVX200. Looks great to me….

  • Very slick! I’ve been dying to see the camera in action.

  • You should team up with these people for a sequel: