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No live show this week on Talkshoe unfortunately since I didn’t have time to set it up beforehand, but we did try to make up for the lack of interactivity with a pair of theatrical reviews (Ocean’s Thirteen and Hostel Part II) and some quality Trailer Trash, not to mention one of the biggest Versus showdowns ever: Quentin Tarantino vs Robert Rodriguez. We also discuss the new Transformers soundtrack and theme song, the Thundercats movie, a sequel to I, Robot, and much more. So join us for another scintillating hour of muttering about movies, and feel free to deposit any and all comments in the receptacle below. P.S. Yes I know it’s not June 17th.

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  • Primal

    The last time I was excited to see a movie that starred Will Smith was Independence Day. I think the movie looks freakin awesome.

    Cool that you mentioned Boogie Nights, Jay. Every scene Wahlberg & Reilly were in owned. The soundtrack rules too.

    Would it be a spoiler if you told us that the ending of Hostel 2 was awesome since that is what everyone promoting the movie promised us just that?

  • Interessant. Kommt hier noch ein weiterer Beitrag? Möchte sehr gern mehr darüber hören. Könntest du mir per E-Mail antworten?