Knocked Up Accused Of Plagiarism

Knocked Up When Grindhouse was released, there were accusations that Quentin Tarantino had lifted the premise from a small indie film. By the evidence there didn’t seem much to take seriously. However this week some major press is being made accusing Judd Apatow of lifting the concept of “Knocked Up” from well known Canadian journalist Rebecca Eckler, who wrote a memoir called “Knocked Up: Confessions of a Hip Mother-to-be”, released months before Apatow made his movie pitch. Eckler has enough credibility to make some noise here, and there are indeed similarities – a young journalist who had too much to drink only to be impregnated by a Jewish Canadian, aided by her sister. The Toronto Star has a piece today, and this week Canadians’ favorite waiting room time killer Maclean’s has this extensive piece by Eckler herself detailing her full rationale for believing “Knocked Up” was well, knocked off. Personally, I would think Apatow would be smarter than blatantly ripping off a story, especially with the same title – and the tale is simple and universal enough (and really, from the slacker male point of view – of a Jewish Canadian actor who has always gone out of his way to make this part of his character in every Apatow production he’s been a part of) that I would have a hard time seeing this hold up in court. Take a look at the article and judge for yourself.
UPDATE – I’ve discovered this blog keeping close tabs on this story.

  • That’s interesting… I was looking up the movie’s soundtrack on Amazon and noticed that book but didn’t think anything of it. You’d think if he stole the idea he’d at least change the title because let’s face it, this story has probably been done many times before and in other places.

  • Maybe he kept the title so that when this coincidence inevitably surfaced he could use the excuse “Well if I was going to steal it, why wouldn’t I at least change the name?”

  • Goon

    the more i read the more this lady seems kinda off her rocker. i didnt know the repuatation that has preceded her as a novelist and journalist. if you just follow the white rabbit and click some links here and there from where i’ve started, or google, you’ll find lots of interesting stuff, including a blog that iminates her writing style to mock her called NineGramBrain

  • manic panda

    OMG I’m going to sue Judd Apatow because one time i went to highschool and my burn-out freak friends did drugs and i also had brown hair.
    cha-CHING $$

  • Goon

    been on a link rampage lately. this is a must read if you havent seen it before – a heated email exchange between Judd Apatow and Mark Brazill (that 70s show) where Brazill looks like a total ass. its amazing.

  • Holy angry email Batman!

    If that stuff is real it’s pretty crazy. Pretty entertaining stuff though… I guess this pending lawsuit will be a good indicator wether or not past claims of plagiarism may have some substance to them.

  • darkbhudda

    I tried reading her article, but it read like every other “hip female authoer”. Trying not plaigarizing first Eckler.

    The whole of chick lit is 1 plot anyway. They write the same, they sound the same. Who can tell which one is which?


    Star article trashing Rebecca Eckler