The Sims: The Movie

Out of all the video games being adapted into movies, I have to admit, The Sims is one of the last ones I ever really expected to see get made. I mean, on the one hand, it is the most popular PC game franchise of all time, and has a huge crossover appeal to the female demographic. But on the other hand… it’s a strategy game about people living life, and there is little to no “story”. But that’s not stopping 20th Century Fox from setting up a feature film and slapping on The Sims name with the help of producers John Davis and Steve Asbell, and screenwriter Brian Lynch. I think one time on the Film Junk Podcast we may have joked about doing a movie based on The Sims, and it is somewhat laughable, but I think if they did it with a sort of self-referential Truman Show angle, it could be interesting. Unfortunately, it just wouldn’t be The Sims if the characters didn’t talk in gibberish, and they’re going to alienate the hardcore fans if they actually speak real words! A cast and director for the project are currently still TBA, more on this as it develops.

  • One word: Stupid.

  • cropsaius

    I have to disagree here, in the U.K. in cinemas on the trailers recently there was a sims short film competiton where if there shorts won they was shown before the main film in between the trailers, I thought some of them were rubbish but the majority of them were good there was this one that I actually fount really funny.

  • declan

    ahh come on! The sims movie sounds cool!1Maybe a sort of cross between resident evil and the island!I would also hope that bella goth and a little bit of strangetown would be included also!The writer is a grat one too!Eragon and norbit are grat movies! Dont think of the point of the sims but more of the storyline in it. :-)

  • Joe

    i tink that this will be a great movie! ive seen the plot;
    Pleasantview is one of the most delightful neighbourhoods to live in, everybody is happy, the grass is always green, children are always well-mannered. But newcomer Andie starts to uncover the ‘real’ pleasantview, for not only are Pleasantville full of cheating, lying, decieving, secret-ridden people like the Goths, Don Lothario and the struggling Newbies, but they are being ruled by a greater power. Andie is terrified to discover they are stuck in a video game being played by millions universally.
    i think that it has a great plot, especially the end bit :P
    keep it coming

  • Omg. thsi soounds pretty cool. I would watch it :)