The Golden Compass Trailer Starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig

Make no mistake, the family-friendly fantasy film is back in full force and it looks like it’s going to be around for some time to come. It seems like every single children’s fantasy book ever written is now getting optioned for the big screen, and I suppose we have Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia to thank for that. It doesn’t matter how good they are, as long as there is a series of books, and a potential franchise in the making.

I must admit, I know nothing of Philip Pullman and the His Dark Materials trilogy, but while they could very well be a great read, at this point it’s almost impossible to look at the trailer for the first movie installment The Golden Compass and not feel like you’ve already seen it before. I think I tuned out as soon as the CG animals started talking. I’m all for a resurgence of fantasy films, but why can we not get a few fantasy movies aimed at older audiences? They even have the audacity to reference the Lord of the Rings trilogy in this trailer, as if The Golden Compass is comparable. This was the biggest problem with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe in my opinion… it was simply overshadowed by the far superior LOTR trilogy. At any rate, with Harry Potter opening this summer, and the next Narnia movie pushed back to 2008, this year’s holiday line-up needed a special effects extravaganza for the kids. The Golden Compass will do the trick, I’m sure. Check out the trailer over at Yahoo! and see if you find it as uninspiring as I did.

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  • I think this trailer looks good but I’m concerned that they’re really missing the feel of the books, which are much darker and dense with subplot than the trailer suggests. Still, if they’ve done even a mediocre job of adapting the book, it should be good.

    You should give the books a read, they’re well worth it.

  • Goon

    the books are dark and well, anti-religious and specifically Pullman hates Narnia and this is sort of his response to the religiousity of that series.

    I’ve read the first of the His Dark Materials trilogy, its quite good.

    I dont know if the films are going to live up to the book at all, luckily the books are not overwhelmingly long so I hope they can keep a strong narrative.

  • Goon

    just watched the teaser. as a teaser especially i am very satisfied.

    some things for people who dont know the books – the first film is not an escape to a fantasy world, they already live in a parallel world – polar bears talk and have their own sort of society (and they are the only talking animals – in a sense), there are non traditional witches, the church is evil, and a persons soul lives on the outside of ones body – represented by an animal, and they refer to these animals as “daemons” – this film will end up causing controversy. a childs daemon changes with a characters mood, an adults is set in stone and does not change. while the story is told in the books in a sort of Harry Potter sort of way, the actual tone of the book feels much more adult, and in the case of the polar bears especially, some pretty brutal violence, which i’m interested to see how is handled in the film (i imagine it will end up being toned down)

    anyways, i believe anyone who’s read the books will be satisfied with this teaser. it erased many of the doubts i had, and it made the casting decisions look better than i initially thought at least.

  • Well that sounds interesting… I didn’t get much of that stuff from the trailer though, which I suppose isn’t surprising.

  • I gotta say that this trailer didn’t really make me any more interested in the movie than I was before…which was not at all.