Mary-Kate and Ashley To Become Bond Girls?

After the wildly successful reboot of the James Bond franchise with Casino Royale, it looks like the producers are preparing to run the franchise back into the ground again. Word on the street is that they are very eager to cast a pair of twins as Bond girls in the yet to be titled Bond 22, and that they are strongly pursuing Mary-Kate and Ashley as possible stars. That’s right, those cute, innocent Olsen twins, former Full House stars and ideal role models for girls of all ages… now reduced to nothing more than James Bond’s latest conquest. Well, perhaps that’s not entirely true. The producers want them for the project so badly that they have reportedly offered them a no nudity/no sex scene clause and are even willing to make them “good girls” instead of villains. But I mean, if they’re not going to get naked, then what’s the point? If you’re going to cast them, then at least make it controversial!

Personally, I don’t completely buy this story. There has been no official confirmation from anyone involved in the movie and the main source of the rumour seems to be some Hollywood gossip columnists. I could see them bringing in some twins, but there are plenty of supermodel twins out there. Mary-Kate and Ashley would just bring a lot of baggage with them, although I suppose at some point they will have to make the transition to “serious” adult actresses. They are now 20 years old, and Mary-Kate actually had a small role in Factory Girl although it was cut from the final version of the film. What do you think… is this the right place for them to become legitimate actresses?

  • I am the only one who finds them insanely creepy? And after all those Mary Kate & Ashley straight to video movies (or Full House for that matter) they don’t deserve a chance to become serious actresses. ;-)

  • Andreas

    This being my first comment here at Filmjunk I simply have to say – Hell no! I don´t even won´t to bother explaning why…it´s just silly. And hopefully (and probably) a not going to happen.

  • I don’t believe that anyone with the authority to do so would be stupid enough to cast these two in a James Bond movie. Simply put, they’re not hot enough and haven’t proven that they have serious acting chops. I will be really pissed if this actually happens.

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