John Rambo Promo Trailer Online Now

It seems like Sylvester Stallone learned something important from his work on Rocky Balboa, and that is nowadays you need to keep the fans in the loop through every stage of a film’s development. A lot of people had their doubts about another Rocky film, and they thought Stallone was just going for a cash grab, but for the most part he was able to win people over by opening up and proving that he was a down to earth guy while answering fan questions on Ain’t It Cool News. This time around he has given AICN an exclusive sneak peek at an early promo trailer for his next film, John Rambo. I’m not sure what the MPAA is going to think of it, but one thing’s for sure… he’s not aiming at a PG-13 crowd with this flick. This is a complete throwback to the 80’s action films, kicked up a notch and run through a blender. This footage is going to make a lot of people very excited. In the original post it was said that the footage would only be posted for two days, but since it’s now been moved to YouTube, I’m assuming it’s going to remain out there on the web indefinitely. Enjoy.

[gv data=”ColXeVm-gxY”][/gv]