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This week on the podcast we give our review of 28 Weeks Later, Greg chimes in with more comments on Spider-Man 3, and we imagine a world where Die Hard 4 is rated PG-13. We also discuss the MPAA’s decision to crack down on smoking, Robert Rodriguez possibly directing The Jetsons, and much more. With no Junk Mail and no Talkshoe, it was a little more straightforward than usual, but still a total party. Grab a brewski and join us for another hour of movie mutterings… listen via one of the many methods below. (And let’s keep those Podcast Alley votes coming! We’re now up to #10 in the TV/Film category for this month. It is your duty to help make Film Junk a household name.)

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  • Goon

    notes while listening:

    Jay, i was also scared to death of being put out. the idea of not being conscious, not even a dream state, made me avoid getting them out a few years longer than i should have, and only got them out when i did because my dads work insurance covered it and i didnt obviously want to pay for it myself in the future.
    i remember my eyes just shutting while being gased and then immediately opening right afterwards in a different room. it blew my mind. that experience of for all intents and purposes ‘teleporting’ or time traveling if you want to look at it that way, was pretty awesome and the best part of the whole ordeal.

    but i got all my teeth out at once and i was in pure agony from the extraction for a week. i found out years later that my mom who was taking care of me followed instructions wrong regarding hot/cold compresses and i needlessly suffered. anyways even if your pain afterwards is short, thats much much worse than anything regarding being put out. embrace being put out, its fine.

    sorry Greg hated SM3, but i still cant get my mind around how even with the things i can see people disliking about it, how it could possibly push it down to a 1/4 rating. in terms maybe you can appreciate Greg, what you say about SM3 to me would be if i sat through Bret vs Razor Ladder Match at WMX but gave it a DUD rating because it had a couple restholds and a couple spots i’d have done differently. it just seems to me so many people are reviewing what they wanted instead of the movie that was there.

    finally regarding smoking in movies, the example of a g or pg rated movie that i have thought of from the beginning is 101 Dalmations – Cruella De Vil – smoker. needless? i dont think so. perhaps since she’s a villain it would be an example they’d let slide, but it is proof that there are instances when smoking can really aid in making a character.

  • Henrik

    If you’re scared of being put out, you should try fainting! Man is that a creepy experience. It literally is just waking up, without knowing that you ever went to sleep. Usually with tons of people looking down at you, and a fucking headache for when you slammed your head down into the table or floor. Has happened to me twice, absolutely terrible.

    As for the smoking thing… What about something like the victory cigar scene in Independence Day? That celebrates smoking as something men do together to enjoy themselves, in this case just before they are meant to die… Definitely an important scene I think, but would probably have to be cut, and that movie is definitely not edgy or disturbing in any way. It’s just a good clean family movie that celebrates America as being the savior of all mankind.

    In general though, I think they would be more lenient on cigar smokers. It isn’t addictive and nobody has time to smoke a cigar between classes anyway!