Eli Roth Planning Entire Movie of Fake Trailers?

While people seemed pretty divided over the two main features in Grindhouse, the one thing that was a unanimous success was the collection of fake trailers in between the movies themselves. Now it looks like Eli Roth, who contributed a trailer for his own fictional film Thanksgiving, might be taking the concept and bringing it a step further. He wants to make an entire movie of made up of nothing more than trailers!

In an interview with Collider, Roth revealed plans for his new movie called Trailer Trash. “I’m going to be doing a film of all fake trailers, like Thanksgiving, called Trailer Trash. I want to make a movie like Borat or Jackass that’s literally completely ridiculous, totally silly and absurd, that’s just all fake trailers. I have a genius way to tie it all together so it will actually play like a movie.” Hmm, when he puts it that way, it kind of reminds me of the brilliant comedy UHF. Apparently Edgar Wright, Robert Rodriguez and FX wizard Greg Nicotero are all on-board to contribute trailers so far. While it’s possible he may have just been joking about the whole thing (I don’t see why someone like Roth would joke about this), I think it’s a fantastic idea and would love to see it happen. Since there has been talk of him waiting on Stephen King’s Cell for a while due to its similarities to The Signal, this would be an ideal project in the interim.

  • Henrik

    Is that a Cannibal Holocaust shirt?

    I’ve got to say that Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving trailer was awesome, and by far my favourite of the Grindhouse trailers (watched via the courtesy of YouTube!). I would be game for something like this, even though I doubt it would be able to achieve the consistency of something like Borat, I think he may set the bar alittle high for himself. But if he truly has a genius way, maybe he will achieve it.

  • mr hands

    that is one badass shirt.

  • I’m a bit put off by the idea of a movie that’s completely comprised of fake trailers. I don’t really see the point of it, but if he has a good idea for a way to make it work, I’ll be interested to see it.

  • For some reason I had completely forgotten that Edwige Fenech is going to be in the next Hostel. Thanks for the reminder with that picture! My excitement for that movie is renewed.