Film Junk Presents… Albino-Man: The Unaired TV Pilot!

We’ve been a bit slow to start work on the next episode of the Versus video podcast, so in the meantime we thought we’d share a little bit of Film Junk history with you. Albinoman was a character that Jay and I created back when we were in high school, and over the years we have made numerous short films related to this ridiculous superhero, dragging in as many reluctant friends as possible. When Jay was at film school, he had a project to create a TV pilot, and thus Albino-Man: The TV Pilot was born. This is probably the most polished thing we ever did with Albinoman, but watching it now I’m sure we both have tons of things we wish we could fix up. Jay even ended up pitching it to The Comedy Network afterwards, believe it or not. Either way, we hope you enjoy it. (Yes, it also features a musical appearance from our good friend Doug Nagy.)

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Also available on YouTube in 4 parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

  • Goon

    i always really loved the script for this. and its still fun. i think, uh, if it had more professional inherently pro level funny people this really could have sold :/

    even as it is, i find it has more laughs than a lot of actual sitcoms, certainly more than ‘puppets who kill’ at least :P

  • Goon

    oh, and are you aware of if you have an afternoon, you should totally write and put together a 2-3 minute short of Albinoman or something and submit it to them… it could air.

  • Henrik

    This was pretty good. The highlights were those awesome on-location Vietnam shots, and the singing voice of Sean Dwyer.

    I want to you thank you for putting that link at the end as well. Now I finally know which is the “Leading Meet Men Site on the Net”! :-S

  • Haha yeah, I saw the other day that the domain had become some sort of dating site. Who knew?

    Interesting trivia: Albinoman’s singing voice is actually Jay’s singing voice.

    It would be cool to do some Albinoman shorts for the web at some point. We’ll see.

  • Ian

    What camera did you guys use to shoot this?

  • The Canon GL1. This is five-ish years old, so this was before affordable HD cameras.

  • Henrik

    I’m just worried that the CIA now has me listed as someone who would look for a date on a site called

    I would be game for some shorts. Especially if you did a fight scene vs. somebody with a cane and fake limbs.

  • Matt

    Vietnam looks suspiciously like the Canadian countryside. hmm. Well done guys.

  • Reed Farrington

    Well, Matt, in the ’60s, the Americans did go up to Sudbury, Ontario, Canada when they were simulating what it would be like to be on the Moon.

    I think they came to St. Catharines when they were simulating battle conditions in Vietnam. :-)

    This TV pilot reminded me of television series that no one watched except me like The New Adventures of Beans Baxter. (Sorry, I didn’t mean for this to sound like a back-handed insult. :-) )