It’s Official: Live Free or Die Hard is PG-13

I’m not sure what it is, but everyone seems to be overly concerned with movie ratings this year. Maybe it’s because the MPAA has been under such criticism lately, but the thing is, most of the complaints we’ve heard about movie ratings this year have had nothing to do with the MPAA. It’s all about the studios trying to cut a movie for their target market. Last week we started hearing some nasty rumours that Live Free or Die Hard would be PG-13, and of course everyone was hoping it would turn out to be nothing more than hearsay. After all, the first three Die Hard films were rated “R”, and have always been regarded as bad ass action movies for men with hairy chests. How could they possibly neuter John McClane like this? Fox would have to be crazy, right?

Well this week Bruce Willis confirmed that Die Hard 4 will indeed be a PG-13 film, and I have to say, I’m not that surprised. Considering that McClane has a son played by Justin Long in this movie, it was obvious that they were gearing it towards teens. Now the big question everyone is asking is does this mean he has to say, “Yippee Ki-yay Meal Farmer!” or something to that effect? Well, first of all, I hate the fact that all everyone cares about is that line. I mean, who the hell cares, we’ve heard it three times already! However, as the trailer indicates, he does indeed utter at least part of that classic line. I am willing to bet they could get away with a “motherfucker” in a PG-13 movie nowadays. However, if they can’t, I won’t be heart broken. The more important question is, what does this mean for the action in the film? Unlike a lot of other people, I don’t think it’s impossible to make a good PG-13 action movie. Haven’t all of the James Bond movies been PG-13? And isn’t Transformers rated PG-13? No one seems to be worried about that. I am adopting a wait and see attitude, but all you people who are going to boycott this movie because it’s not rated “R”… grow up!!! Besides, we obviously have nothing to worry about: Bruce Willis says it’s better than the first Die Hard movie! (Granted, he seems to have been drunk at the time).

  • James

    Did you really expect Transformers to be R?

  • No I didn’t, but it is a Michael Bay film and he is known for doing a lot of R-rated action movies. No one seems concerned that with the amount of action and destruction they are promising, it will still have to fall within PG-13 guidelines. So why the uproar over Die Hard 4? I’m not saying it’s going to be awesome, but the trailers have looked great and a PG-13 rating isn’t going to dampen my excitement.

  • Henrik

    My only worry is that now they will have to cut out 95% of Kevin Smiths performance.

  • I don’t care as long as they keep “the line”.

    At least once.

  • The man

    I want to say bomb, but how gory were the other Die Hards? I guess this is why Sam Jackson isn’t returing huh? Fuck that underworld guy. First he fucks Kate now he fucks Die Hard.

  • Henrik

    It doesn’t really matter The Man… It’s a PG-13 movie and it was made as a PG-13 movie. Obviously the original Die Hard has a scene like “Shoot the glass” which couldn’t be in this one (or the CleanFlicks version of Die Hard) but as long as they never considered the option, it won’t really harm the movie. Yeah you can do awesome stuff with an R-rated movie, but you can do awesome stuff with a PG-13 rated movie as well.

    I agree with what Sean said above, that the trailers have looked pretty bitching. I even like Justin Long ever since I used to sit up late nights and catch “Ed” back when I was miserable.

  • Chopper Sr.

    i like Justin Long as Willis’ son, i dont like the fact that they PG-13 the flick, they have to stay with the same “format” as the previous movies. does anyone remember Beverly Hills Cop 3, i mean the swearing was cut down and it was unfunny. i hope that Die Hard 4 pulls it off, i really like the series.

  • James

    The Man, I couldn’t help but laugh at your comment. Do you really think it was the directors decision to make it PG-13??

  • On the subject of formerly R rated action franchise going PG-13… I have just one comment to make:

    Robocop 3.

    That was such a spectacular piece of crap, and I guarantee it had a LOT to do with trying to “dumb down” the violence of the previous movies to fit a “family friendly” movie.

    I’ll still go see Die Hard 4, but I’m already lowering my expectations for this obviously neutered addition to the franchise.

  • Sam

    The movie looks pretty damn cool, but I’m kinda surprised it’s PG-13. Everyone that’s making this movie has an R-rated history with action movies and, come on, it’s Die Hard. At least the PG-13 rating allows it to have a good “yippy-ky-ya motherfucker”.

  • corey

    obviously, nobody here is a true fan of die hard if you think it’s “okay” that it’s PG-13. It’s not just the famous quote that makes die hard. the pervasive language makes the character John McClane real. the blood, quality kills, and over-the-top violence is why it’s called Die Hard in the 1st place. if you guys think it’s cool that a 3 movie franchise can all of a sudden totally change everything that made it so great in the first place into some petty, watch your mouth, crap, then maybe you should notify Fox Movies and ask them to change the title to Die Soft.

  • Rich

    Thank you Corey. You hit it spot on. I see a few clueless sorts spouting that nonsense about how a Die Hard doesn’t need the cursing or strong violence. Anyone who says that crap is completely full of shit. They’re obviously not real fans of the series otherwise they would know better than to utter such rubbish. The whole character of McClane himself is a strongly R-rated character……now under pressure again and he’s busy watching his language and demeanour ? Now the edge is taken off the unbridled violence that defined the others in the series and that’s supposed to be OK ? That’s what they call a “Die Hard” movie ?? Something inoffensive that’s passable for family viewing ??? Something on the same rating level as a Harry Potter movie ? Gimme a fuckin break. PG-13 is as far away from the Die Hard concept as you can get. You’d have to drug me and carry my limp body into the theatre to get me to watch this sell-out bullshit. Fox can shove their ‘Die Soft’ up their collective asses.

  • Dean J.

    Die Hard 1 & 3 were two of my favorite all-time movies. I am absolutely shocked by the number of people on this forum that think the PG-13 will be ok.

    Fox is simply selling out the franchise name to hopefully make a quick buck.

    You can forget about the unratted DVD also because it will add one extra line of language. This movie was made PG-13 from Day 1.

    If there is a movie I don’t want to see then I just ignore it. However, with Die Hard 4, I am hoping this movie bombs in a big way.

    This movie may be a barometer for future action movies. If Die Hard 4 is successful with a PG-13 rating then you can expect all future action movies to be dumbed down family friendly movies for kiddies.

    We already have plenty of movies for kiddies. Lets have one or two that are also fun for adults.


  • Paul A.

    I agree with you guys. A PG-13 Die Hard is a fucking joke! I thought Hollywood was moving past this whole “let’s make every movie a PG-13 so everyone can see it” phase. The raunchy R rated comedy has finally made it back with “Wedding Crashers”, “The 40 Year Old Virgin” & “Knocked Up” so I guess I wrongly assumed Hollywood could see the error of it’s way. Nope! I guess Fox gave Bruce Willis a truckload of cash because I can’t believe he would be good with a sanitized for general audience’s John McClane. I’ve seen all 3 previous films in a theater but not this time. Yippee Ki-yay evil doers! Hey, that might work.

  • Jimmy

    The problem is the MPAA. Gunner Palace, Hip Hop Project, Running on Empty all were rated R and were re-rated PG-13 without cuts…language was the reason for those. Raiders of the Lost Ark, Red Dawn were either PG or PG-13 and had violence and gore. Let us not forget the Bounty with nudity and gore. That was PG. PG-13 is not the problem. The MPAA is the problem. The rating system is a joke. Can anyone explain why the f-words in Die Hard films are R and Gunner Palace slides as a PG-13? Or the heart pulling scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is PG and multiple bodies with bullet holes gets an R in the Die Hard films? I can’t see why PG-13 films couldn’t have more adult content anyway. They do play R-rated movies on television uncut and leave the nudity, language and violence so let the R-rating be more for extreme sexual content, extreme langauage and extreme violence, etc….

  • Goon

    s’getting good reviews. i’m a bit surprised, but thats good news. i might actually see it now.

    anyways, i was at WalMart today and they had a huge setup for the 4 disc Die Hard set, and the giant cardboard cutout provided by the DVD seller spelled his name “McLane” instead of “McClane”

    big boo boo

  • drennen

    does anyone know of any good action movies that had a pg13 rating? i’m racking my brain trying to think of one… and THE MAN doesn’t count. at all.

  • Lots of James Bond and Jackie Chan movies, not to mention (everyone’s assuming) Transformers!

  • Goon

    a lot of James Bond movies are in fact, rated G!