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This week on the Film Junk podcast, there is little question as to what the main topic of debate is. A huge chunk of the show is spent discussing one of the most divisive movies we’ve had in a long time: Spider-Man 3! We also touch on the top 25 sci-fi movies and TV shows as named by Entertainment Weekly, Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury and the possibility of Beetlejuice 2 becoming another direct to DVD cash grab. Don’t forget to vote for us on Podcast Alley this week, and join the new Film Junk Facebook group! You can hear this week’s podcast via the many options listed below.

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  • Goon

    i essentially fall with Henrik (wow, is this a first) and sorta Sean, seeing Spidey 3 as just fun entertainment where i willingly turned off all overanalysis for 2 hours, and yes that French restaurant scene really does define it. I think i laughed so much there that most anything else silly afterward just got laughs from me. I think a lot of the angry hyperbole would be dulled by people who actually watched it more than once.

    In the washroom after it was over there were a couple knuckleheaded, truly dumb, you know, airheaded, teenagers who were complaining about how he was “emo”, because apparently pushing your hair to one side makes you emo, even if you’re strutting and dancing. It just amazes me that even though theres stuff i guess people could poke fun at, theres so much good stuff people are acting like isnt there at all because in their retarded little heads things can only be ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE or the BEST MOVIE EVER>

  • Goon

    one more thing. of the analytical things i see, i find people are so anxious to pick this apart they forgot the other ridiculous things about some of the other movies, like ahem – how wrestling is apparently real in Spider-Man 1.

  • Henrik

    This series have always been about the characters. I really like how it plays like a day in the life, much like the comic books. It’s like ‘whats Peter Parker up to today?’. Hearing people go nuts over the fucking PLOT DEVICES (Butler, Gwen Stacy) gets me a little mad.

    How can you see this movie and focus on a device being a little obvious? To me that just screams out that people are looking for things to hate. Hearing people complain about the actors being like cardboard cutouts… I don’t know how many conversations you have, but in real life people don’t wave their hands about in each other’s faces, they don’t point at people, and they don’t start stepping in the same place and walk around when they become upset. Like that scene on the bridge… They are just standing there and looking like retards, and it’s totally realistic.

    Bad Peter was hilarious, but I also think they pulled it off when he showed up MJ. Like it wasn’t *that* funny, he did feel like an asshole. And Gwen Stacy in that scene was totally believeable as well.

    One other thing that I forgot to mention in my airtime, that when it comes to action and effects the Spider-Man series is unparalleled. Pirates of the Caribbean, go fuck yourself. I think that Spider-Man swinging is some of the most exciting stuff I have seen in a theatre. And while there was probably one shot too many of people falling and hitting eachother mid-air (Spider-Man 2 had one as well mind you) I definitely thought it was fantastic, exciting and they raised the bar for effects again.

  • Goon

    i also think the Spidey action scenes are above anything i’ve seen in Pirates. I actually have found both POTC movies extremely boring.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    Haven’t seen Spider 3 yet but it was good to hear a more sober discussion of the films merits and flaws.

    I don’t like that segment about what DVD’s you bought during the week. To be quite honest, I really don’t care. If I knew you personally I would be happy to talk about stuff I bought, but listening on a podcast there is no point. I’m more interested in your opinion of what you have seen.

    It seems every now and then you guys take a cheap shot at A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Jay felt embarrassed at the end with the aliens??? Did you have a fever??? A.I. is an great film, but if you didn’t like it, fine. I just wish you would leave it alone.

  • I liked A.I. I did think the ending was pretty hokey, and just because I was embarrassed doesn’t mean I was laughing at it along with everyone else in the theatre.

    Also, i’m not sure I recall ever taking cheap shots at A.I. In fact, on many occasions i’ve taken cheap shots at those people who claim that Spielberg ruined Kubrick’s vision.

  • Henrik

    A.I. was a bad concept made into a movie by a bad director. I saw it opening night and I have avoided it ever since. I don’t remember if people were actually laughing at the end, but I do remember it going on and on and on. Meh. At least it had awesome effects.

    I’ve got to say I agree that I don’t really care about what you bought. It’s cool to hear about what you’ve seen.

  • Yeah, i’m thinking I kind of agree with you guys on the ‘what we bought’ segment. Maybe just changing it to a ‘what we watched’, which in most cases would be stuff we bought anyways.

  • TheSnowLeopard

    I know what you mean by being embarrassed by something you see on screen. I’ve felt that way myself. But when you use that word, and reference A.I., to illustrate something you don’t like about a new movie, you’ll forgive me for thinking that you didn’t like A.I. From memory I think it was Sean who posted a blog a few months ago and referenced A.I. in a disparaging way and I called you up on it.

    Personally I thought the ending of A.I. was incredibly moving. It just goes to show how people can view the same movie so differently. I get kinda frustrated and depressed about that, because in the end my opinion really counts for naught because watching a film is such a deeply personal experience, even though I try to get other people to reconsider films I like.

    I fear I will keep defending A.I. until my last breath.

    Have you guys ever considered doing a videocast of your reviews, in a panel discussion format, maybe intercut with trailer clips or something? That would be a lot of work I know, but very cool. Much better than that Versus thingy you do. Just a suggestion.

  • I also liked A.I. a lot but thought the ending dragged on far too long. It just seemed out of place… not sure if it was part of Kubrick’s original idea or not. But much like it is Jay’s mission in life to defend Escape from L.A., you were clearly sent here to defend the ending of A.I. So to you I say, go forth and soldier on! When you think about it, your opinion counts even more because you’re in the minority.

    We’ve considered video reviews before and could still do it if we had more time on our hands. But right now I think we just prefer to do something that no one else is really doing.