Sacha Baron Cohen to Star in Freddie Mercury Biopic?

There’s a wacky little rumour that’s been filtering its way through the U.K. press this week about the upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic. It seems that the current frontrunner to portray the former Queen lead singer on screen may be none other than Ali G himself, Sacha Baron Cohen! Earlier rumours stated that Johnny Depp was up for the role, but that may have just been wishful thinking on the part of the producers.

So… seriously? Sacha Baron Cohen? This sounds pretty weird, and I am willing to bet this rumour stems from a bit he did at the MTV Europe Awards last year when he hosted the show as Borat. He came on stage dressed as Freddie Mercury and said something to the effect of: “Hello it is me, Freddie Mercury. I joking, he die of AIDS. It me Borat, I not a la la loo lee. The only sex disease I ever have is gonorrhea… 15 times! The ladies like Borat!” Would the other members of Queen really want him to play Freddie Mercury in a serious biopic after disrespecting him like that? (It was pretty funny though.) According to a mysterious insider, “Sacha loves the idea he can get away with playing Freddie after modelling Borat’s look on him.” Well, I’m not completely buying this, but it would be pretty interesting to see Sacha Baron Cohen try his hand at something dramatic. What are the odds this ends up being true? Could he pull it off?

Update: Looks like this has been debunked by MTV. Boo. (via)

  • Chopper Sr.

    i really dont know what to say about this rumour, i really hope that it is only a rumour. i think that if they are going to do this movie they have to get an unknown to play Mercury, who i think is one of the greatest entertainers that lived. if Cohen was cast as the lead, i dont think that people will take the movie series. we dont need another balls in the face scene.

  • Ian

    They should get the guy that played Bennet in Commando, instead.

  • manicpanda

    Sacha Baron Cohen would be utterly perfect, as he already looks like him and has the right body and can sing and is such a gifted character actor that he could literally become him.

    He’s perfect. No one else would be better.

  • Chopper Sr.

    Cohen is too tall, Mercury was a short guy. i vote unknown actor.

  • Taylor S.

    i beleive that there are alot of Freddie pretenders out there and this clown cant stand up to them!
    Freddie was an exceptioally deep person and he had a way of showing u political problems in a fun and musical way!!!!
    This guy could never act out the hidden brains in Mr. Mercury!