Sam Rockwell to Star in Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke

How strange. On the very same day that Chuck Palahniuk’s new book Rant hits stores, we have news that one of his previous books Choke is finally making its way to the big screen. Happy coincidence or clever marketing ploy? Either way, it seems to be official since the announcement comes from, the official website of Chuck Palahniuk (who, for those who don’t know, is the same guy who wrote Fight Club!).

Last year we had heard that Choke had gained a screenwriter in Paul Bernbaum (Hollywoodland, Next), but now it turns out that Clark Gregg, writer of What Lies Beneath, has written the screenplay and will be making his directorial debut with this movie. Sam Rockwell will star as Victor Mancini, a sex addict and con artist who pretends to choke on food in restaurants in order to receive sympathy cheques from the people who help save him. It’s another darkly comic story in Palahniuk’s patented style, and I for one can’t wait to see how it turns out on the big screen. Hopefully this will also help some of his other books finally get made into movies, like Survivor and Invisible Monsters. Choke heads into production on June 18th. In the meantime, I should have my own review of Rant up on Film Junk sometime later in the week.


  • The man

    This movie is going to be fucked up! If done right.

  • Goon

    i dont know how Choke could be pulled off as a movie, but Rockwell is perfect casting.

  • It’s about time another one of this guys books got made into a movie. Not to say that anything adapted from his work will be on the same level as Fight Club, but the guy can write a damn good novel. What they need to do next is make an HBO series out of his book of short stories: Haunted.

  • Chopper Sr.

    i think that Rockwell is perfect for this role, cant wait!!!!!!!!

  • Ian

    Oh man, I read this book while riding a bus from Arcata CA to Riverside CA (approx 24 hours) and listening to OK Computer and UNKLE, two days after 911 now that was surreal. Rockwell seems like good casting.