Grindhouse Could Go Direct to DVD in the U.K.?

Well if you’re getting sick of hearing people drag Grindhouse through the mud, dwelling on its cold reception in North America and bleak outlook overseas, then there’s a good chance this next story may infuriate you. film ick points us toward a recent article in The Independent that claims the movie is “facing the very real prospect of a DVD-only release in Britain and the rest of Europe”. Yikes! When we first heard that they were taking some time to rethink the U.K. release of Grindhouse, most of us assumed they were simply considering separate theatrical releases. But direct to DVD? That’s gotta hurt.

According to the article, Quentin Tarantino is also recutting Death Proof so that he can submit a new extended version for competition at Cannes. I would be very interested to see how a longer version of Death Proof is received, considering the majority of people felt it was already long and boring as is. Still, it’s clear that the press are having a heyday over the failure of Grindhouse. The article opens with this bold statement: “Forty-four is the sort of age many directors in Hollywood first hit the big time. In Quentin Tarantino’s case, it’s the age at which he appears to have blown it.” Talk about overreacting, they make it sound as if Tarantino’s career is over. It’s not like every movie he does can be (or is supposed to be) a blockbuster! If anyone is going to be affected negatively by this, it’s Harvey Weinstein. Either way, if this means Grindhouse is going to be released on DVD sooner than we expected, I’m all for it! I still have to see that fantastic ending of Death Proof.

  • It bugs the hell out of me when I hear all the trash that is talked about Grind House, but when it comes right down to it, I saw it opening day the way it was meant to be seen and enjoyed the hell out of it, so it doesn’t much matter to me what kind of silly decisions they make regarding it at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I want the movie to do well, but so long as they release a decent DVD with the entire package (not two separate DVDs as I’ve heard rumored) so that I can watch it again and again in the privacy of my own home away from everyone else’s harsh words I’ll be happy.

  • Direct to DVD would smart a little but after the things I’ve been hearing about it it could be deserved. And anyway, I’d probably be more inclined to buy it on DVD than watch it in the cinema anyway..sooner the better from the studio’s pov perhaps?

  • The man

    Robert Rodriguez does Sin City 2 for 3.50$ and they’ll call it even. Hey Machete’s coming to dvd.