Beetlejuice 2: Another Direct to Video Sequel/Travesty

Hey, who wants to hear about more of their favourite movies getting dug up and pissed on by movie studios that are desperate for a quick buck? I do! Clint over at Moviehole recently got a hold of a press release for the new Warner Premiere line of movies, and among the popular franchises slated to get direct to DVD sequels are Under Siege, Space Jam, Training Day, and… Beetlejuice. This after Tim Burton has been denying such a thing for years. Needless to say, he and Michael Keaton will not be involved, although Burton will likely still get an executive producer credit. I can’t wait to see who they bring on board to take over for Keaton in this role… Stephen Baldwin maybe? One can only hope.

Kevin Tsujihara, President of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group had this to say: “With Warner Premiere, we’re creating an additional stream of new, high-quality, ‘fan-ready’ DVDs that will be supported by top-notch marketing to help them standout in the increasingly crowded marketplace.” So not only are the budgets low to begin with, but most of the money is being put into marketing? Sounds promising. Jeff Robinov, President of Production: “They will have no creative constraints on them and should not be thought of as low-budget or second-rate in any way. We’re creating projects with a very specific mindset, geared to a specific distribution platform, while at the same time trying new creative approaches, telling different stories, working with new talent and responding quickly to consumer feedback and demand.” Sorry for the cynicism folks, but if you’re telling different stories and truly trying to give new opportunities to filmmakers, why are you making unnecessary sequels to established franchises? This whole thing annoys me a lot more than it probably should.

  • Ian

    I concure.

  • I think that there is a future for good films on the direct to dvd market, especially when so many small, independent films are so sorely misrepresented on the big screen, but I have to agree with you that these sequels of classics is not the best way to bring more attention to this market.

  • Henrik

    I can’t believe they are taking classic movies like Space Jam and Dukes of Hazzard and totally dumbing them down, and basically pissing on the franchise just to make a quick buck on DVD!

    Seriously, Space Jam? Who cares. I think it’s way more dishonest when they release some shit movie and put “From Quintin Tarantino” or “From Steven Spielberg” above the title, when they have little or nothing to do with the movie.

  • Dude, you’re not mad that they’re ruining Space Jam?! Hey I couldn’t care less about the other movies mentioned but Beetlejuice deserves better I think.

    What shit movies have been released with “From Quentin Tarantino” on them? Hero was “Presented By” Tarantino, but it wasn’t shit. Hostel said it was from Tarantino but he was a producer on it. And it wasn’t shit either. I don’t think it’s dishonest, it’s just marketing. It gets people to go see the movies, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that these movies weren’t actually directed by him. All it takes is a quick trip to IMDB.

  • Henrik

    Hero was presented by Quintin Tarantino in America? Why?

    I was just thinking of Hostel. Having to convince people that the movie they went and saw wasn’t directed by Quintin Tarantino over and over and over again really brought my piss to a boil. Maybe that’s unfair, but I think it’s more dishonest than this. Making a generic cop movie, or generic looney tunes basketball movie, and slap a franchise name on it is just marketing as well!

  • Yeah, I suppose when you put it that way, it’s all just a brand name and it seems silly to care. But it’s different when they start playing with existing characters and storylines, then I think there should be an obligation to at least stay faithful to the original in some way. (Once again, talking about BEETLEJUICE here, not Space Jam.) But I suppose they’ve been making crappy sequels for years and there’s no reason why they’d stop now.

    Hero was presented by Quentin Tarantino in North America because Miramax had the rights and they were sitting on it because they didn’t think people would want to see it. So Tarantino came along and said “Just release the damn thing already, put my name on it and people will come!”.

  • Henrik

    “I suppose they’ve been making crappy sequels for years and there’s no reason why they’d stop now.”

    That’s the other reason I can’t really be irate about this. I would much rather they release their shit on DVD instead of in theatres.

    But if they are really willing to do another Space Jam, I think they should go further and make sequels to movies like The 3 Ninjas (three white kids, one fat!), Street Fighter and all the other trash stuff I liked as a kid. Or even something like Wing Commander, which was a kickass movie with the scooby-doo gang, or Lost in Space with Matt LeBlanc and (spoiler!) Gary Oldman as a CGI Spider-Monster. All these trashy movies that were great, but never got the franchise it deserved. Just give us the trash on dvd man. I would rather they actually release real trash and let it have a life, instead of gimmicky tribute trash like Grindhouse or Slither.

  • Goon

    there was like 3 other 3 Ninjas sequels. one with Hulk Hogan.

    …and the Henrik Hyperbole Train arrives at the station again with the nice little gem of “gimmicky tribute trash’


  • So we’re comparing Wing Commander and The 3 Ninjas to Grindhouse now? That’s a new one.

    They don’t release crap like this in theatres because they’re not worth the effort, but nowadays they can get some good mileage out of DVD sales and rentals, which means these movies will not necessarily be quickly forgotten and swept under the rug, which is what I think you’re implying.

    Either way, it still doesn’t change the fact that they are somehow degrading the originals. Obviously that’s a subjective thing, and if you don’t care for any of the originals then you won’t care about this either. But I’m sure if one day they decided to do a direct to DVD sequel for some Kubrick movie you’d be going on about how they don’t respect the vision of true artists nowadays, or something to that effect. Just sayin’ is all.

  • Henrik

    If they did “Fanny and Alexander 2: This time it’s personal”, I might be pissed. That will never happen though.

    However, I wonder if these movies actually feature the same characters as the originals. I mean a movie like Training Day I would imagine it’s the same setup but with new characters.

    Well Grindhouse is supposed to be a tribute to movies that have low production value, and that exploit sex and violence for entertainment’s sake. Which is EXACTLY what these sequels are doing. People think one is cool, but not the other.

    As for Wing Commander and The 3 Ninjas… I think they’re pretty exploitational. They don’t have sex, but they are definitely just a marketable product. (By the way, I didn’t know there were that many sequels to 3 Ninjas, but I definitely remember the sequel where they teach the asain girl baseball in exchange for karate lessons.)

    However, these – like the direct-to-dvd sequels – are going to be the movies that screen at like 2am on a saturday evening, and some kid will sneak into the living room and watch them, and they will be a part of their childhood. So I don’t really get why you would think that The Stuff or similar movies are cool, but these movies aren’t. Except for the fact that they are *exploiting* a franchise name.

    Anyway, I don’t want to piss everyone off. And I am trying to figure out where the line is for what I can say without being labeled hyperbole by Goon. Bottom line is, I don’t really have a problem with this, and I think even if they did do it to movies that I love, I wouldn’t feel invaded or violated. I know it’s not for me, and I like plenty of movies that have had bad sequels, prequels and other spin-offs.

  • Remember last year when Michael Keaton was BEGGING for a sequel to Beetlejuice? What happened there?

    I mean – he was so desperate to do it again (and it’s not like his career is above direct-to-DVD at this point) — so why isn’t he stepping up to the plate?

  • Croft

    I believe Tarantino’s name is on all the covers of those crappy From Dusk Till Dawn sequels.

  • My only question is this: If a movie didn’t warrant a sequel back when it was first made, who the hell thinks that making one ten or twenty years later will be a good idea?

  • Lady-Freakshow


    Burton and Keaton totally MADE that film!

    Who in their right mind would even pay to see what they piss out and call a sequel, I wonder?

  • Ronnie

    You know what’d be cool? If the sequel bridged the gap between the movie and the series, the way so many fanfics have. That I would pay to see.

  • jason

    Michael Keaton is the only one that should play Beetlejuice,In a sequel!!!!NOBODY ELSE WILL DO!!!! MICHAEL KEATON IS BEETLEJUICE!!

  • John

    In 1990 Burton wrote a script called “Beetlejuice Goes Hawiian” Wionia Ryder and Micheal Keaton agreed to do the film. Throught the years Burton got interested in other projects and in 1997 they annouced that Geffen Company still owns the Beetlejuice 2 script. In late 2005 Keaton was still excited to do the movie. In 2006 they announced that Beetlejuice Goes Hawiian is not in the works anymore. Now they are saying they are making a Beetlejuice 2. MAKE UP YOUR MIND PEOPLE.