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Gather round this week as we review Hot Fuzz and The Host, and get into some good discussions about Spider-Man 3 being the most expensive movie ever, David Goyer’s Magneto film, and the latest scoop about Quentin Tarantino’s next movie being a remake. We also answer some junk mail, discuss what we each bought and watched this week, and open a can of ass on Trailer Trash. (No, not whoop ass, just ass.) Click below to listen to the show now, or subscribe through iTunes and get Film Junk delivered straight to your door every week. (And while you’re at it… vote for us on Podcast Alley!)

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  • The Invisible is a remake.

    Come Drink With Me is highly regarded among fans of old school martial arts films. While I can appreciate being somewhat flippant about the number of people who would know that it is a remake of another film, I’d be willing to bet the number who are familiar with the original far out-strips those who know the origianls of many other remakes, particularly in horror, like The Hills Have Eyes or The Changeling.

  • True, there are a lot of hardcore martial arts movie fans out there. Still, Tarantino seems to attract a pretty mainstream crowd (maybe not anymore after Grindhouse), and it’s fair to say that most won’t have any other knowledge going into the movie other than the fact that it’s the new Tarantino movie.

  • Charlie

    Minus the Bear for the outro! Nice!