Quentin Tarantino to Remake Martial Arts Classic Come Drink With Me?

The Weinstein Company recently issued a press release about their upcoming plans to start producing more Asian films, both in terms of themes and talent. Among the upcoming titles listed was an intriguing project that still has yet to be formally announced. According to the press release, Quentin Tarantino will be directing a remake of King Hu’s 1966 martial arts epic Come Drink With Me.

Being that I am no expert in Hong Kong cinema, I have never even heard of the film, but the internet is full of rave reviews, with Kung Fu Cinema even calling it “one of, if not the greatest martial arts film of all time”. From the sounds of it, this was a movie that heavily influenced Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I find it interesting, however, that Tarantino would choose to do a remake at this point in his career, particularly when most of his own films are already homages to previous works. Maybe remakes are what he should have been doing all along… this way he won’t have to worry about that pesky issue of plagiarism! If this is true, it is unclear what it would mean for Tarantino’s long gestating war film Inglorious Bastards.

You can check out the trailer for the original Come Drink With Me on YouTube.

  • Henrik

    Another kung fu movie?? Lame! He needs to go back to comedies.

  • Croft

    Being a Tarantino fan it would disappoint me if he does another Kung fu movie. I’d love to see him tackle Inglorious Bastards. Although since it’s Tarantino and he seems change his mind a lot you never know forsure what’s next.

  • obv

    Tarantino doesn’t give a fuck about what you think, he’s always created films the way he envisioned them. Another kung fu movie, I’m all for it. what tarantino movie is bad? none, you’re stupid.

  • Jason

    The stupid one is the one replying to a 2+ year old comment. The old post was right, he “would love to seem him tackle Inglorious Basterds”, and guess what, Tarantino felt the same way. Grow up.

  • Adam


  • jonathan

    one of the best kung fu flicks? What? the girl just waves her sword up in the air and it magically kills people. King Boxer, Drunken Master, anything Bruce Lee ever did far exceeds this movie. It had an interesting style and yeah you can see an obvious influence in crouching tiger, but overall the fight choreography is beyond pathetic, I’ve seen kids fight with sticks in back yards that was more exciting.

  • Smoman

    Come Drink With Me is more of a fantasy kung-fu film in my opinion, it would be great to see tarantino do anything at this point…..as long as its nothing like Death Proof….ugh, that movie was odd