Dead Like Me Movie In The Works?

If you were upset about the cancellation of Showtime’s strange comedy about the afterlife Dead Like Me, then you’ll be happy to hear this next juicy rumour. For the uninitiated, the show followed the adventures of young Georgia Lass, tragically killed at the young age of 18 by a toilet seat that fell from the sky — what a bum way to kick the bucket (pun intended). From there she was reluctantly recruited to be a grim reaper, where she worked with a team of slackers to ensure that the souls of people who are about to die make it on to the afterlife.

There is now talk of a Dead Like Me movie in the works, with Stephen Herek (Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Rock Star) supposedly on board to direct. The movie is slated to be a direct to DVD affair, but considering that this is where the show seemed to find its audience, I don’t think that will be a problem. No word yet on whether or not the entire original cast will return, or what involvement (if any) series creator Bryan Fuller will have.
And to think, I had the rest of my life to finish watching the remainder of this series… now it looks like I may have to get caught up a lot sooner (not that it’s a bad thing). More on this as it develops.

  • I’d love to see more of “Dead Like Me” but I’m not completely on board with the DTV movie idea.

  • G.Reaper

    since i didn’t see – Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead, Mr. Holland’s Opus, or Rock Star – and probably you didn’t either, I can only imagine how BAD this movie will be.

  • I have seen Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead and Rock Star actually. And they RULED.

  • nikki

    this series is very whitty and well thought out. a dark, sad and funny side of death. i enjoyed the first two seasons but wouldn’t want to see them overdue it, but would definently love to see more. i would check out the movie if it had the original charecters on board. well i guess i would check it out no matter what.

  • I would like to know what happened to Rebecca Gayhearts character and would love to see more D.L.M. Don’t really care if it’s DTV. Ellen Muth for the Win!

  • Ghyslain

    I love Dead Like Me and I am thrilled to know that they are going to continue it. I’ll be sure to get whatever they release as soon as they do so. I just hope that they will stick to what made the first two seasons so great.

  • phoebee

    i hope they don’t eff it up.

  • samantha

    I just hope that they keep the irony of the whole show alive. Irony, as in, they’re grim reapers, they’ve never met god or a god, never seen the afterlife, but have to live normal lives…ohhh, they better keep Roxy in there, or I’m boycotting!!

  • Jack

    The concept is great. The series could have evolved a few more years, best with the same actors but even with different leads. Can’t wait for the movie….

  • Roman

    I am thrilled to hear they are going to make a Dead Like Me Movie but I am a little upset they are not going to go back to making the series. And I hope the origanl cast will be in it!

  • Travis

    I’ve heard that Rube and Daisy will be played by different actors. I wish the series would return….

  • Jeremy

    This show was brilliantly written and I miss it horribly. I’m thrilled with any movie, continuation or whatever that’s put out. Hoping for the original cast but… whatever I guess.

  • Craig

    I love DLM………That was the only reason we got Showtime them two years….

  • Mike

    What posesses MGM? here is another great show that has again disrespectfully been discontinued. no respect for what they (MGM) created..a loyal massive following. this limited release stuff is a worry. we want this movie to be hugely bought (not downloaded) so too promote the creation of a series 3, 4 actors age they can be replaced by new reapers if they are introduced properly and are popular and well cast actors. for sure we are in australia and again feeling sad and lost with yet again another cancelled program. where is the priorities of these moguls? i am sick and tired of this sort of biz that cancels programs. I have not experienced loss oveer discontinuation like this since The Lone Gunmen series was shockingly discontinued by another mogul network. cheers all.