Download Film Junk Podcast for April 8th, 2007

This week on the Film Junk podcast, enjoy our full review of Grindhouse — both Robert Rodriguez’ Planet Terror and Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. We also show our sensitive sides as we count down our top 5 favourite romantic comedies, and debate whether or not anyone is surprised that Jackie Chan uses stunt doubles, plus we tear into some new trailers including Live Free or Die Hard and Rob Zombie’s Halloween. The disease has spread… and Film Junk is the cure. Listen to this week’s show below.

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  • I guess I’m still dumbfounded how an above average car chase after so much shitty dialogue made Death Proof somehow a better film for two of you than Planet Terror. YOu have to at least admit the film could have used a whole lot more Kurt Russell.

    Regardless, when Grindhouse comes out on DVD, I’ve heard they will sell them as seperate films. I sure hope not. As disappointed as I was with DP, I kind of want to have it so I can fast forward through all the crap to get to the meat and potatoes. I want the full package as presented on screen.

  • (and if I cant have it, I guess its the old rental/DVD burn trick for me)

  • Ian

    Your closing remarks remind me, I wonder if the sequel to Cobra will be called Marion Cobretti?