Hong Kong Stuntman Claims To Have Doubled for Jackie Chan

The cat is out of the bag! Hong Kong stuntman Bruce Law caused quite a stir this week after he revealed via his Chinese-language blog that he has doubled for such big name action stars as Chow Yun-Fat, Andy Lau, Michelle Yeoh, and… Jackie Chan! Yes that’s right, the martial arts master who has built his reputation on the fact that he does all of his own stunts, may not be quite the iron man that he claims to be.

After further inquiry, a publicist for Jackie Chan has admitted that he often uses a stunt double in Hollywood for insurance reasons. The truth is, this happens quite frequently and I suppose it shouldn’t be all that surprising. It’s not up to the actor, it’s up to the studio, because they could stand to lose a lot of money in the event of an accident. A while back there were rumours that Harrison Ford would not be allowed to use a real bullwhip on the set of Indiana Jones 4 because the studio could not afford to have him injured. While this was probably just a silly rumour, but it certainly seemed believable at the time. The question is, does this change how you feel about Jackie Chan? Does this knowledge somehow lessen the integrity of his Hollywood films? Personally I’m a little more disturbed by the fact that this stuntman has also doubled for Michelle Yeoh. What the-?

  • wiz

    let me tell yall something,,,, jackie chan has been doin all his own stunts at the begining of his carrer, shit he even stunted in bruce movies do the research,,, he has broken every bone in his body already 4 the death defying stunts he has done in all his hong kong films,,now he’s in america in hollywood and at the age of 50 he still got what it takes to do his own,, but 4 insurance reasons its best 2 use stuntmen and computer effects now, he’s 50 damn, so yeah he might have some 1 take up the slack now,,, but he got where he is by doin his own,,, with initials J.C he’s become the kung fu savior the successor to bruce lee’s throne, who else could it be jet lee? HA HA HA!!!!! DONT MAKE ME FUCKIN LAUGH.