Danny Boyle to Direct 28 Months Later?

With the release of 28 Weeks Later still a month off, we’ve already started to hear about the possibility of a second sequel. While doing press for his upcoming movie Sunshine, Danny Boyle has reportedly been letting it slip that there are tentative plans for another installment in the zombie franchise. I guess as long as the virus can survive in one person (and as long as the movies continue to make money), there’s always that possibility it could mutate and spread somewhere else, right?

Now the interesting thing is that according to a scooper at Ain’t It Cool News, Boyle did some second unit directing on 28 Weeks Later, and had so much fun that he’s “seriously considering” returning to do the next one himself again. Wow, that’s pretty cool. Not only does it get me excited about the possibility of a third movie, but it kind of makes me more interested in seeing the second one now as well. There’s no word on an official title for the potential follow-up, but the logical choice that everyone has adopted is 28 Months Later. The thing is, that’s over 2 years. Seems like a long time for a virus that can infect someone in seconds!

  • will there be a 28 months later?

  • zak schertzing

    there better be a 28 months later. 2 good movies and then no third that woulb be a shame. plus you never know you make a thrid and it might beat the resident evil movies

  • enshong

    i think 28 months later is still acceptable.. i mean.. after 28 months, almost all of human population has been infected.. only a handful of survivors are left… then comes….. I AM LEGEND.. LOL… both films seems connected to me. XD

  • jeff

    28 days later was a fantastic film and if you think about it could probably happen and 28 weeks later was a good film but i think was missing a few things because what actually happened wouldnt have happened but that is what made the film and it wud be disspaointing to not see a 28 months later to see what actually happened when the infected got in to europe

  • eamonn

    there better bea 28 months.

  • Mark

    please please please make a third film, the first two are excellent films, a third and final film to see the wiping out extinction of mankind would be amazing.

  • karenna

    please please make a third film 28 months, It wouldn`t be fair to leave us fans hanging like that. It be great to bring back some of the characters from previous films too. catch up on their story lines. Ofcourse there could also be a 28 Years Later after that, but no more I think. WAY TO ADDICTIVE,GREAT FILMS.
    PS, just a thought but maybe santuary could be on a small island, Isle of Wight, scilly isles,or channel islands

  • 안녕하세요. 저는 한국에 사는데요. 28개월후 미국에는 정말로 벌써 개봉했나요? 아시는 분은 메일로 보내주세요.

  • Tom/TJ

    I think it’s neccessary for a third film, but I think they should do something the fans wouldnt expect with the film e.g. the infected take mainland Europe/Asia (or even the world depending on how far they want to go) and totally mess up by causing nuclear power plants to go into meltdown and kill off them all (possibly the only survivors are high ranking officials in powerful countries who after 28 months later come out of there hiding and see the full extent of the world)
    Dragging on a bit there, but as long as it doesn’t go off the first two films then it should be good…

  • Leslie White,Liverpool

    I proper loved 28 day later and 28 weeks later it was fantasic but that would be so scary if that happened and there better be a 28 months later showing the infection spreading over Europe because we have seen it in Britian but i think that would be the last one because having a 28 years later is weid.

  • les

    Never mind 28 week’s later and 28 day’s later has any one saw my bloody valatine on 3D IT’S THE BEST.They should make all film’s in 3D

  • Hello (안녕하세요)

    i want movie 28 months later!!!!!!!!! t_t

    when 28 months later is open, i will must saw movie

    there wa very fantastick and funny !

  • RIPP3R

    It would be great, i would like to watch 28 Months Later and i think, there will be 28 Months Later, becasue, the end of 28 Weeks Later was open. U know, virus in Paris, and in the whole Europe :D

  • j.j.

    i would love there to be a third movie not just to watch but for the whole world to see and love
    if there was a third i think it would turn out to be one of the best ever made. me and all my mates would go and love it no matter how good or bad it will be because these types of movies are allways good to watch because this could happen and its the realistic of these type of movies hat attracts fans like us
    please please make a 28 months later……

  • Das modal finland

    For all you hungry zombiemovie fans, see Dead-set, that shud satisfy ur Z-movie hunger

  • barthez

    28 days is quality so is 28 weeks … i just dont want it to get like resident evil films which are shit … the games own the films … end of the day 28 months later wouldn’t be too bad

    another zombie film you guys need to watch : Dead Snow

  • Vincent Santoro

    28 days later and 28 weeks later are both awesome films. I think it would be fantastic if they were to create a 28 months later, they also left the end of the 2nd film (28 weeks later) way open for a sequel.

  • zombie

    they better make da 28 months later movie aint it. Cause if dey dont i will be well pissed of aint it. Zombie’s r fun to watch, they so creepy and mad so me like dat. so come on Danny, make da movie that we all want to see aint it or i will be well pissed of aint with u Danny man.

  • Crofty

    Your bonkers if you dont make a third movie. The first was great, the second (which is usually a disapointment) was just as good if not better. The third should and could be the same. Just dont call it 28 Months Later >.< Best maybe to call it 28 hours later :) Waiting to watch ;)

  • IHteRtrds

    To zombie.. Your a fucking retard, learn english grammar and spelling. Zombies are smarter than you.

    To Crofty.. Thats a great idea.. I was thinking about 28 hours later and what should happen if there was one XD

  • Pat

    They gotta make a third one cause how are we going to know what happened after the end of “28 weeks later”? did the virus spread through out Europe?, Is the virus gonna be stopped? There are so much things we do not know about it, but i reckon this 3rd movie is gonna be the best one because they are doing it all over europe which means MUCH MORE INFECTED =)

  • bob

    yeh Guys! Seriously, a third film is needed, the end of the 2nd, leaves the door open for a third! stop making us wait! O_o

  • Mark C

    I loved the first two 28… movies and there simply HAVE to be another TWO to properly complete the cycle of ‘days, weeks, months, years.’

    I have an idea for the third one. I think it should feature a character who is the SCIENTIST who ORIGINALLY created the Rage virus, back in East Anglia, U.K. He is holed up in a top-secret research lab in Switzerland, but as Rage continues to spread rapidly into central Europe, he ends up having to run for his life.

    I can imagine a great line from him:

    ‘I gave birth to Rage. I’ll be the one to kill it…for good!’

    I reckon this character could be an unlikely ‘hero’…a geeky kind of guy, quite skinny and frail with specs, classic ‘scientist’ old-school type, mid-forties/fifties.

    Who could play him? Hmmm.

    Not sure, but I wouldn’t mind having a go! LOL! Just as long as I don’t have to get bitten at the end!

  • Ryan

    IMDB lists 28 Months Later as a 2011 movie. Danny is expecting and wanting to make a third sequel, but its up to Fox to make this happen. As it says on Danny’s wikipedia page here:


    One of his planned films is 28 Months Later. There are a few trailers on youtube which i dont think are real, but they might be. I think Danny should make a third sequel as they left 28 Weeks Later open for another one.

  • peach

    I agree, there should definitely be a 28 months later. I think that it is one of the best zombie movies with a great storyline. Besides, it didn’t make sense to me how 2 weeks later ended with no conclusion. So it would be great to know how it truly ends. I am anxiously waiting for Danny Boyle to make his attempt and really think about making this movie, the third franchise to 28 days later,28 weeks later…

  • darren

    Come on 28 Days Later absolutely FANTASTIC, 28 Weeks Later was great but missing something (Danny Boyle Maybe) if Danny can come back to make the third I’m sure it will be a HIT!!!.
    I think these are just GREAT, One of the best zombie movies not spoiled by the american style gun ho crazy save the world crap with just too many special effects, They are the very realistic and could happen, They get you thinking what you would do if in a situation like this. don’t you just love british movies made like this.
    COME ON DANNY, Please, Please, Please make the 3rd

  • sam

    Yeah a 3rd movie must be made the first two movies were good but a 3rd movie makes sense, maybe when Paris is all infected the virus could spread across a world wide bases and the British and American army find themselves a massive war on there hands, just picture it a zombie massacre, maybe the zombies could eat instead of dying from hunger so they live longer maybe long enough for 28 months, that could link the title of the movie :)

  • dan

    yes i agree it does make sence cuz they left the 2nd movie open i think that 28 months later could work maybe all the infection could spread over two years but it could be stoped and at the end of the two years the surviver could tell the movie as a story as what hapend to him and how many people died and stuff so hes telling the story as having flash backs to what he saw and expierened and maybe there could only be him walking through all the debree of what the world was like and he could find a group of survivours but one of them could be carriers or somthing i dont know i just hope another movie comes out

  • 28 zombies later

    They will need make a third movie or the last scene in 28 weeks later would’ve never made sence as there is a random clip of zombies running towards the effel tower. Wouldn’t it be funny if they did bring out 28 months later and when u go to the cinema it shows up ricky astely and said you’ve been rick rolled ^.^

  • im addicted to the first to films and the thought of the third is incredible. but the have been saying loads of rumors ever since 2008 and now they say the film company is closed down


  • PS. HUGE fan of you

  • lucy

    iv onli seen 28 days later i jus herd about 28 weeks later as i turned on film4 wen it was bout 2 finish so i diint get to see it

  • ben jamin

    big fan of 28 days later, just finished watching 28 weeks later and although it was still entertaining it lacked the low budget gritty and unique qualities the first one oozed. a third would be cool but shooting the virus on a global scale means it’s going to be a budget busting film of epic proportions and i reckon although it will be impressive and clever it will probably be so far flung from the original it will kill the series. it needs unknown actors, a believable story-line and shots the audience can be familiar with which will be the hardest part, it has to be done though (look at the matrix, awful third but wrapped the series up nicely in a weird way), the story is still open, step up to the challenge of making it a great film without ruining it. please. :)

  • Marko

    Am still wondering if anyone is gonna make 28 Months Later… or any other sequel in the “28” series. I think it would be a MASSIVE shame to leave it at just two when there is so much potential left in the franchise. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… make a sequel or two…

  • Pleaaaassseeeee !

    Please make the third ! 28 months later !!!! Pleaseeee !!!!

  • Not a zombie – rage (remember Rabies by B.Peki?)

  • jace

    It has been years since iv heard anything real about this movie being under production, honestly in my opinion this wont be happening any time soon unless i have missed something?

  • Alejandro

    Como amaría que sacaran una tercera parte ambas peliculas fueron geniales y esta vez en donde todo europa se contagio estaria de pelos y mejor si le agregan más efectos especiales PORFAVOR ANHELO que saquen esa tercer parte casi todo Mexico esta desesperado porque la veamos

    Sorry I’m mexican and the rumors about 28 months later they’re here so, my god please make it please and it be coming soon we’re waiting it here in all mexico

  • Please make this movie. Danny and Alex, the two of
    you can make it happen. The whole world is waiting
    for it too.

  • sherrie

    please please i love the 2 28 days/months have just brought the 2 disk set whens the next 28 months going to be made as the second part left us hanging will be really disapointed if this set is not complete i will so feel i have wasted my time and money on this movie as so hate cliff hanging movies such a let down who evers in charge please get your shit together and make it happen thanks

  • Tim

    @Jace; Just waiting for Danny Boyle to pull his thumb out.

  • MW3Chyba

    first two films were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And i have hope so 28 months latter will be release!

  • vytautas

    we need film 3 of 28 serial….

  • Robs

    Yes!, 28 months later sounds like a great sequel to 28 weeks later. They should have the virus killed in the beginning of the movie and 28 months later the virus reappears as Andy in 28 weeks is a carrier and spreads it throughout Europe ….do something but please make another one.

  • bob






  • Francois

    been waiting for this film to happen for ages! tought the 1st two movies were both excellent in its own ways!
    Mr Boyle, please make us a great ending of this trilogy. And if you need a unknown person to star in it, im available ;) kidding of course but,… PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER ONE!

  • youngrey420

    Make 28 hours or months later!!! please make it… i love zombie movies and these two are def in the top ten, Danny Boyle please, please MAKE A THIRD FILM!!!

  • jeff

    still waiting for 28 months. COME ON!

  • Sebastian Chambers

    This is a different kind of virus we are talking about here. These aren’t zombies. They are infected so they turn faster the virus spreads faster. There is a difference between infected and zombies. People become zombies by dying first and then coming back to life as the undead. Infected have a virus that spreads quickly (they are still aware of what is happening but cant stop their attacks). Boyle shouldn’t have any doubts about 28 months later. There are too many fans out there to let this one go!