Film Junk Versus Episode 5: Seagal vs. Van Damme

In the much anticipated fifth installment of Versus, the Film Junk crew (with the help of comedian/The Movie Blog writer Doug Nagy) settle a debate that has raged on for decades: who is the better man, Jean-Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal? Two 80’s action icons go mono e mono in this special video podcast. There are a lot of angles to cover on this one, but we think we’ve got the answers. Tune in to found out who delivers the final roundhouse kick to the head, then let us know whether you agree or demand a rematch!

  • Jeff

    Nice episode guys, keep it up

  • Goon

    Jay, you actually should go out of your way to see both “the rundown” and “walking tall” – both fun, albeit walking tall is overly short, just over an hour long.

  • snorfle

    i lost it laughing when the eagle came on. great episode.

  • This was some great great stuff. Jay and Doug were hilarious. You guys should do more things like this together.

  • Matt

    Nobody in Europe knows about Seagal. But Van Damme is at the same level as Schwarzenegger and Stallone in terms of popularity. At least he was when I was living there. So I gotta give it to Van Damme, because as a kid I literally wanted to be him.

  • What. The. Hell… Seagal beating Van Damme, it makes no sense. Greg is the only one with good taste when it comes to action.

  • 5OF4

    Can we get a ‘where are they now’ special where we catch up on Latin_Seagal?