Stallone Using Body Double for John Rambo?

After some set photos of Sylvester Stallone from the upcoming Rambo 4 (now titled John Rambo) appeared online, it sparked a lot of debate about whether or not he was physically ready to play the part. He successfully bulked up for Rocky Balboa, and although the movie did little to hide his age, it was important for Rocky to look old and past his prime in that film. However, now there are reports that the 60 year old Stallone has decided to hire a 30 year old body double to tackle some of the more physically demanding scenes in John Rambo.

Although people may be quick to jump on this news as proof that Stallone is “copping out” because he is simply too old for another Rambo flick, I am not convinced that this is anything out of the ordinary. Don’t most action movie stars have stunt doubles? I think the terminology being used here is a little misleading. A “body double” would only be someone used in place of Stallone strictly to give him the illusion of possessing a younger body. I am willing to bet that the professional hired in this case is in fact a “stunt double”. There’s a difference. Although Stallone was recently busted for importing a large quantity of the human growth hormone Jintropin into Australia, it seems unlikely that this has anything to do with the decision either. John Rambo is currently being shot on location in Thailand.

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  • Roy

    Rambo 4 was a great movie and if Stallone invests more time he could make another great Rambo 5, I’m sure of it.

  • Frank

    yes roy :) lets hope there wil be rambo 5 :)
    that whould be really GREAT !! :) rambo is the best !! now i am going to watch rambo 4 for the fifth time :P i love it !!!!!