Clever Movie Marketing: 7-Elevens To Become Kwik-E-Marts

As much as I’m sure we all generally hate advertising and ubiquitous marketing campaigns, sometimes you come across a promotional idea so clever that you have to stop and give props to whomever managed to dream it up. Although The Simpsons Movie will require little promotion in order to get people into the theatre to see it, that hasn’t stopped their marketing team from coming up with a cool rebranding concept that’s sure to turn a few heads.

A deal is currently being finalized that will allow select 7-Eleven stores across the U.S. to be “redecorated” to look like Kwik-E-Marts. Current plans would call for 11 of the 4,700-some odd stores to receive the cartoon makeover, where they will also sell fictional products such as “KrustyO’s cereal, Buzz Cola and iced Squishees”. Will they also be hiring Apu lookalikes to man the counter? The whole situation is kind of strange when you consider that Kwik-E-Mart was essentially created as a spoof of 7-Eleven. Either way, you know that business is going to spike for those few lucky locations as Simpsons fanatics flock to them to experience the thrill of purchasing junk food from a real-life Kwik-E-Mart. No word yet on which cities are currently under consideration for the promotion.

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  • This is a great idea. I hope Canada is included in the promo. It would be great, for memories sake, to have a picture of a “real” Kwik-E-Mart.