Tom Welling to Star in Teen Wolf Remake?

You know, I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that at some point Hollywood can and will remake every movie that ever existed on the face of the earth. It doesn’t mean I am happy about it, but you can’t waste energy complaining about remakes — you just have to try and go on living your life. But then when you hear about a studio messing with the Michael J. Fox canon, you can’t help but feel a twinge of bitterness inside. Maybe I could accept a remake of Doc Hollywood or The Secret of My Success… but Teen Wolf? Come on man, that’s sacred ground!

Okay, I’m kidding. It was a pretty ridiculous movie (the sequel even moreso) and if the rumours are true that someone out there is actually remaking Teen Wolf, I tip my hat to them and promise to be there on opening night. Reports indicate that Tom Welling of Smallville fame may be starring in the film, and at first glance he seems like a decent choice to fill the shoes Michael J. Fox. However, contrary to some claims, he may not actually play the young teen who is grappling with the beast of adolescence in this movie. According to Dark Horizons, the new Teen Wolf may actually be a female! Now there’s an interesting twist. What I want to know is who will play the infamous extra in the gymnasium whipping out his wang in this new remake?

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  • I know this is going to make me sound like a spaz, but I loved loved LOVED Teen Wolf. It’s one of those movies I watched over and over again as a kid. Gahh.. Thanks Sean, now I have to track down the DVD. :S

  • You should be able to find the double set with Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too for under $10 without too much trouble.

  • Ahh Teen Wolf Too.

    Did anyone else find it funny that The Hogan Family aired in the adjoining timeslot to Family Ties, and then Bateman went on to do Teen Wolf Too?

    I keep waiting for him to get Parkinson’s now. After all, he’s done everything else Fox did. :P