Full Trailer for Pixar’s Ratatouille Online

Things have been somewhat quiet regarding Pixar’s upcoming movie Ratatouille, and although there were some early reports that it was shaping up to be Pixar’s weakest film to date, it seemed a bit hard to believe. However, a full-length trailer for the movie debuted online this week, and I think I might be starting to change my mind. The visual style and animation look top-notch as we’ve come to expect, but the story just doesn’t seem all that interesting to me. A rat with culinary talents who teams up with a chef at a restaurant in Paris? Where’s the adventure? Where’s the comedy? I was pretty unimpressed with Cars too, so perhaps we are finally starting to see Pixar stumble just a bit. They can’t remain invincible forever, right? I still don’t think it will stop this movie from making a bajillion dollars though. Patton Oswalt is voicing the lead character, and Brad Bird is directing. Ratatouille hits theatres on June 29th.

  • Goon

    “the story just doesn’t seem all that interesting to me”

    I dont need any convincing in any direction. This is Brad Bird’s baby, and his track record is too good to give me any doubts. if it sucks, it sucks, but I’m as certain as I can be regarding movies that this will at least be satisfactory.

  • Henrik

    “They can’t remain invincible forever, right?”