Freddy Krueger To Return in 2007?

Rumours are buzzing once again about a new Freddy Krueger movie happening sometime in the near future, and if they’re smart, New Line will strike while the horror iron is still hot. A while back there was talk of a Nightmare on Elm Street prequel to be directed by John McNaughton (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) . While that project seems to have fallen by the wayside, there are now two strong possibilities for a new Freddy flick shaping up. The first is a sequel that involves a young couple who move into a new house that just happens to be Freddy’s old stomping grounds. Yawn. However, the other possibility is another Freddy vs. movie, where his next challenger just might be… (are you ready for this?) Michael Myers!

I have to admit, Freddy vs. Jason was a lot better than it had any business being, and I’d be happy to see another. “Freddy vs. Michael” seems more feasible than “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash” or whatever crappy crossover was most recently being dreamed up by a bunch of fanboys. To me, it actually seems like it could work as a movie, and John Carpenter is reportedly trying to help wade through some of the red tape to make it happen. The big question here is, what would this mean for the upcoming Halloween remake? Word is that New Line wants a new Freddy movie out by late 2007, and if Rob Zombie’s new take on the franchise hits theatres in October, it just won’t make sense for Michael Myers to show up on screen again a month later. You’d think they’d only do another “vs.” movie with a franchise that has been dormant for a while and is begging to be dusted off (granted, there aren’t many of those left anymore). What do you think, is Freddy vs. Michael something you’d like to see? And will it actually happen?

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  • I want to see Freddy vs. Angela Baker. I think the transexual serial killer from the Sleepaway Camp movies would give Freddy a run for his money. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Pam Springsteen back on the screen?

  • serena

    Freddy VS Michael Myers sounds great! I agree with what you said ; ‘just happens to be Freddy’s old stomping grounds. Yawn.’

    Lets hope it happens! Newline would make so much money from a freddy movie, people from my school love him too!
    Friends from America and Glasgow also are craving for another freddy movie. So come on New Line

  • Charles

    I rather to see Jason vs Michael, Freddy VS Pinhead….. I mean what wrong with that?

  • Jason Stone

    I think that Michael Myers isn’t nearly as good as Jason, so they should take a step forward instead of backwards, like a Freddy vs. Pinhead. Now that sounds like a movie. More attention getting than Myers. What do you think?

  • Ryan moore

    i liked it when it was just freddie on his own, but lets try and cut back on the typical american teenagers stereotyped in the films and try and make them smarter.

  • Andrew

    Freddy vs Myers just makes no sence, but Freddy vs Pin Head could be interesting because they are both super natural entities, Myers is just Manson on crack more or less. Id like to see a blend of old and new…Frankenstein vs Jason etc, or Freddy vs Wishmaster

  • Andrew

    Personally I think Frankenstien would kick Jasons ass lol

  • i much reathier see
    thats what i much reather see

  • jamhouse

    i love to see a new move freddy it so kicks ass moves now are so crap ccome on newline lets go!!!!

  • DeeDee

    I love love love Freddy eversince the cradle and well was not always a huge fan of Micheal but I think since Zombie already did the remake of Friday the 13th it would be weird to have him vs freddy…I do preffer a dormant villain and yes I am all for Doug Bradley coming back to pinhead and having a FREDDY VS PINHEAD, if they put their heads together they can make it one of the most gorriest movies yet because freddy is all about the goring and killing and well pinhead he knows how to raise hell that would be an awesome fucking movie…but only if its Robert Englund and Doug Bradley other than that I pray they dont fuck it up with new actors it wont be worth the watch! THERES ONLY ONE FREDDY AND ONE PINHEAD!

  • playap

    myers is cool, but why does everybody forget my boy leather face, maybe jason vs leather face now that would kick ass

  • Tony

    hey gotta apreciate freddy comin back no matter who or what happins!!! i just hope rob zombie stayes well away from it! he will destroy the story and go his own way i think he should stick to making albums cause he sux when it comes to movies! he has failed everytime and should leave the horror legends to the real legends behind them!

    but here is a thought freddy vs chucky!! think about it chucky will bring the fear back in the kids and wham! freddy comes in 4 the kill

  • Wow that would be awesome,
    I would love to see that.
    Hopefully it works out for the producer.

  • Craig

    how about just another freddy movie when he comes back and haunts the main girls kid or grandkids. somthing to that affect. none of this freddy vs anyone. just the good old freddy movies. i would love to see this with the special effects we have these days

  • Mike Davis

    Guys, nothing of this Freddy vs…someone nonsense. I mean, lets be truthful. Freddy vs. Jason sucked! Absolutely sucked!

    How about….THE Freddy film of them all


    Do something like they did with Rob Zombies Halloween. Showing how and why Freddy craved on young innocent children, the people of Springwood coming for him, the creation of Freddy Krueger and yes, do use the special affects they have nowadays, this would be so cool but you have to take the horror and the gore back to the first Nightmare on Elm St. For me, that was always the best Nightmare out of the lot.

    Who’s up for that?!?!

  • Kaila

    Another vs movie is just no. Freddy vs Jason was epic and can’t be beat. There needs to be something new that hasn’t been done in any of the previous Nightmare on Elm Street films, and just think about this for a sec before stabbing me in the throat: what if Freddy encountered a woman who was in love with him? huh? It states in nearly every movie that you have to fear him to be killed by him so with a creative screenplay writter and the right actress it could work…maybe… as long as the woman wasn’t someone who you’d wanna feed through a wood chipper… you know the type….>.<

  • Larry E. King

    Freddy vs Myers sounds good to me. Horror fans would love to see this happen. Just wish the moviemakers would get their heads together and think up a good script and get started on this film. And to make it even better let Jason be in the film. A fight between Myers and Jason has boxoffice gold written all over it. Everyone would go and see this.
    Freddy (Robert Englund for this film) Jason, and Myers, throw in some parties, naked chicks,rockin music,foul language, killer kills, suspense,ironic twists, etc. Come on moviemakers get this movie made.

  • Manduh

    i really don’t think another freddy vs. movie would be any good AT ALL. that idea has already been done, it’s over with. i mean, come on, the concept of freddy vs. jason OWNED…but they did such a crappy job on it. i honestly think a prequel would be their best bet if they can get a GREAT screenplay going.

  • freddy666

    I think they should make a freddy movie about the now adays shit and not so old and use some fucking awesome special effects. It should be where he fucks with just a normal human and they arent scared of him and team up with him and freddy has a side kick, and then dies. Then the new guy can carry on the movies. Kind of like the saw movies where jigsaw dies but still carries on his legacy.

  • Ragen Carter

    I have always loved freddy from the moment i watched them :-) a freddy v i.t would b fantastic scince i.t creeped the hell out of me. I loved freddy v jason, it had some great humour in it n i enjoyed every moment of it n i hope they keep making freddy movies coz i love him :-)

  • Keegan Readman

    I had a idea, that could make a ton of money. For new lines why not make a movie about Freddy doing his thing, and have pin head and his cenobites try to take Freddy back to hell. As stated that they can come looking for people who have escaped hell like Freddy. I personally think it would make sense and in good taste. Freddy did brag about slipping through hells grasp.
    So his soul must be ripped apart!!!!!

  • sarah elwood

    I think a new freddy would be ace, as long as it is real horror, i mean terrifying, none of this teenagers all partying, they get chased, some die, it is getting so boring and very predictable,
    The prequel idea is good.letting everyone know how and why he became a monster. but Newline……it has to be believable and SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!