United 93: The Made For TV Comedy?

After the lukewarm public response to United 93 and World Trade Center last year, it seemed that most people just weren’t ready to relive the dramatic events of 9/11 yet. Well now another year has passed… and British comedian Chris Morris is hoping that this time around, the public will be ready to not only relive 9/11, but also laugh at it as well! He is reportedly developing a TV film for Channel 4 that is described as “a comedy version of United 93″. Yikes… this is definitely a project no American network would touch with a ten-foot pole.

At the risk of sounding ill-informed, I have to admit that I didn’t know who Chris Morris was before I read this post over at film ick, but he sounds like an intriguing guy. Apparently he is a comedian, writer, director, actor, and even a radio DJ, well-known in the U.K. for his controversial subject matter. He rose to fame on the strength of his parody news show The Day Today and the satirical Brass Eye, which tricked public figures into looking foolish on camera (which I guess makes him the British equivalent of Jon Stewart and Michael Moore? Check out this clip on YouTube). He also starred in the Channel 4 series The I.T. Crowd, which is sort of a more tech-oriented version of The Office. His proposed terrorism movie would seem to focus on suicide bombing and Islamic fundamentalists more than the actual events of 9/11. The casting sheet reads: “a TV film about a bunch of pakastani lads living in britain now, its about what they do – for work, for play, what they believe, how the relate to their parents, families,the culture around them, their sense of heritage.” Still, this Chris Morris guy seems to have a pretty good knack for choosing hot button topics, wouldn’t you say?

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  • Chris moris did a lot more then make public figures look foolish he also satirised paedophilia and the presses involvement in creating media storms around said subject. Creating just the sort of frenzy in england that he had been poking fun at. He hasn’t done anything of that scale since so I will be following this with interest.