Billboards for Horror Film Captivity Pulled Due to Public Outcry

The current wave of nu-horror movie directors seem to have a little bit of friendly competition going on with each other, as they each try to up the ante in terms of disturbing and graphic content (and in doing so, hopefully attracting the attention of moviegoers as well). Lately, this competition has even spread to include advertising for the films. In 2005, the marketing team for Saw II clashed with the MPAA when they tried to release a poster with two severed fingers. This year, a poster for The Hills Have Eyes 2 was rejected by the MPAA because it was deemed too scary for the general public.

The most recent case of movie advertising to cause an uproar is a new billboard for the Elisha Cuthbert film Captivity. While early posters depicted her buried alive, or trapped behind a chainlink fence, the new billboard contains 4 images with the captions: Abduction, Confinement, Torture and Termination. The MPAA claims they did not okay the ad, and after many angry phone calls from the residents of Los Angeles, the advertisements have been pulled. After Dark Films and Lionsgate are both saying it was a printer error, and that they never meant to post these ads. Sure they didn’t! Clearly this is a movie that needed the publicity. Still, those who found the ads disturbing obviously hadn’t seen the posters for Hostel Part II.

You can see a picture of the billboard in question over at Defamer. (Okay, maybe that would be a little creepy to see on your way to work in the morning.)

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  • *YAWN*

  • I saw pictures of the posters kicking around online yesterday and they didn’t seem like such a big deal to me.

    Henrik’s got it right.