Superman Sequel on Hold, Brandon Routh to Star in Justice League Movie?

Last month we heard that Warner Bros were taking the first step towards making a Justice League movie by commissioning a script. It was unclear exactly how such a movie would fit into plans for their other major comic book movie franchises like Superman, Batman and the upcoming Wonder Woman feature film. This week rumours are swirling that the Justice League movie may in fact end up taking precedence over the upcoming Superman sequel, and that there’s a good chance Brandon Routh will star.

According to Moviehole, inside sources at the WB have indicated that since Bryan Singer currently tied up directing a WWII thriller for United Artists, they may opt to use the character to introduce a Justice League franchise instead. It might not be such a bad idea. Superman Returns did quite well at the box office, but it definitely resulted in some mixed reviews. This might be a great way to revitalize the character and spin-off a whole other franchise at the same time. Interestingly, it sounds like Batman will not be involved in the Justice League movie, since his movies are doing just fine on their own. I guess I can understand that, but will a JLA movie still be interesting without that darker side that Batman brings? At least it’s one less character to worry about finding screen time for. Either way, I’d much rather see a Justice League movie than a Superman movie because in my opinion they just wrote themselves into a corner with Superman Returns. Thoughts?

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  • Ian

    Yeah Superman Returns had some problems in the story that’s for sure. A JL movie could be great fun but I think the way they’d have to do it would probably involve combining and in so doing rewriting a few origin stories for the other heroes, making GL get his ring in some circumstances that result in Wally West becoming the flash. I certainly think the film will suffer for a lack of the Dark Knight but I do think this could be averted if he is atleast mentioned or possibly involved in a small way; which is fine since Batman always like to think of himself as one who was outside of the League anyway. I just started to think of a viable inciting event for this movie hmmm I hope the pros know the source material better than I do but I think the Bruce Timm animated stuff would be a great source since it had such an internal cohesion.

  • 69’er

    You know what everyone has FAILED to see in this story…

    Clint Morris, of Moviehole, DOES work for WB…

    Or did….

    You only have to do a search on the guy to know that he runs a production company with Chris Showerman and Muse Watson. And last year, guess which studio he was developing a horror film with? Yep, Warner. The film was called “Howl”.

    So, he’s a producer… a screenwriter… or both. Guess his connections are pretty DAMN GOOD?

  • Jordan Lee

    I do not like the idea of a Justice League movie. Especially if it is going to interfere with plans for a new Superman film. “Superman Returns” was very disappointing and I am glad they decided to do away with a sequel for it. But I still want them to make a new series for Superman starting all over and giving him his own adventures. I just think each hero needs to be given his or her own story individually before doing something where they are all put together. They still need to do films using Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, and The Flash. Each of those heroes would probably have real interesting stories if their origins and first major encounters with a villain were presented in a modern film. Superman is the most important hero of all and should be put in films made in the present that actually impress the fans.