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This week on the show we are joined by special guest Pacifistofury as we debate a plethora of cinematic topics including the Escape From New York remake, Iran’s outrage over Zack Snyder’s 300 and Jello Biafra’s objection to the use of a Dead Kennedys song in Grindhouse. We also take a look at new trailers for Faces of Death and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and we count down our top 5 pop songs used in movies. Today is the first day of the rest of your life… listen to the podcast below.

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  • Did you guys get some new sound equipment? The show sounds *way* better. Good stuff.

    SeanJohn/Pacifistofury/Darth Nameless even though you only had four choices, you had the best list. I was about to bitch and complain about the lack of mention of any of Stanley Kubricks choices, but you came to the rescue of these poor guys. I know I may seem like a one-track guy, but I can’t hear An Der Schönen Blauen Donau without thinking of fucking spaceships anymore, and even if you’re focused more on the songs being pop, Singing in the Rain will not feel the same after you see Clockwork Orange.

    I think it was an excellent show, extremely funny. It lived up to the hype of being a total party I gotta say, even though I was fashionably late.

    Like I said – not sure if it was cut out, I really need to get a new microphone or something – I linked to my online DVD collection. Now bear in mind, that Sean is much older than me and it only makes sense that his is bigger than mine. Ahem. Other notable shameful movies include Head of State (Christmas gift!) and The Matrix Revisited, which I bought thinking it was like a special edition of The Matrix, but as it turns out, it’s a 2hour making-of dealing with the first matrix movie. I still to this day do not own the actual movie, but I still have that fucker sitting in my collection laughing at me.

  • I upped the bitrate and also discovered Audition’s “Hard Limiting” feature, which is probably what I should have been using all along for Normalization.

  • The man

    I can’t find that Dave O Russel Clip anywhere. What did you stupid fucking cunts do with it? I just want to watch the fucken clip you stupid cunt. I’m trying to help you bitch!

    I want to spread the gospel of Dave O Russel.

  • It keeps getting taken down and then reposted… it’s up here right now:

  • The man

    Thanks Sean. But where’s the fucking clip with that bitch in the fucken Car, that slut whore! Mother fucker. He’s been working on this thing for 3 fucken years the best you could do is put the fucking clip on the god mother fucken filmjunk website.

    Shit!!! you rock.

  • Pacifistofury

    Henrik, where were you when I needed a 5th song for my list? I’m kicking myself (gently, of course) for not thinking of Singing in the Rain from A Clockwork Orange. That takes over the number one spot on my list.

    The “Top 5 pop songs used in movies” is an excellent count down choice, but I absolutely hated it. I think I have an encyclopedic knowledge of film trivia, but I had the hardest time coming up with favourites. I thought about my favourite movies, but none of them had pop songs in them. I didn’t even think Thus Spake Zarathustra and Row, Row, Row Your Boat qualified as “pop” songs.

    “Singing in the Rain” makes me think about “Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head” from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. This in turn just made me think of “Alfie” from the original Alfie with Michael Caine. Now I’m thinking about Ben from the original Willard. And what was that tune from Bridge Over the River Kwai? Crap. I want a do over.

  • The man

    “Imagine Me and you” form Adaptation would be in my top 5.

  • Well, if there’s one thing you count on it’s me showing up the day after and make sure to mention anything that you may have missed!

    I just re-listened to the podcast, and I think I messed up my explanation for my question. I didn’t mean movies you own and are feeling a little ashamed that you enjoy, even though I think that’s sort of what I said, I meant movies you genuinely do not enjoy, but are still stuck with. But I think you guys got it, even with that horrible sound quality.

  • Greg

    The reason why I didn’t have any songs from Kubrick films was because I thought the top 5 was for ‘pop songs used in good movies.’ My mistake.

  • Hey Guys…
    have you seen the ‘Banned from TV’ series (3 movies) ? I saw them and their pretty much like Faces of Death and not as gimmicky as they looked on those infomercials. Everything to my understanding is real, taken from news cameras and stuff. The first movie has footage from a riot in Brazil when a guy gets shot by a cop with a shotgun, it’s pretty heavy.

    Great show, couldn’t make the Talkshoe. I’ll try next week.

  • I definitely remember Banned From TV, at least the first one anyway. They should remake that too!

  • Greg I was surprised your list didn’t include the cover of “Life is a highway” from the very good and enjoyable movie ‘Cars’.

  • Greg

    Henrik, it’s good to see you actually have a sense of humour. That was very funny. Don’t even get me started on Rascal Flatts cover of Tom Cochrane’s “Life is a Highway.” The song is a piece of crap to begin with…I never knew it could be worse. I didn’t like Cars that much…but it was better than Barry Lyndon.

  • OOOOOOOOoooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. BARRY LYNDON BU:RRRNNNN!N!N!!N!

  • The man

    Barry Lyndon was beautiful but empty like Sean. Sean I want your cunt!!!. J/K!!!

  • thesnowleopard

    Just listened to Episode 190307 and I thought it was fantastic. One hour 14 minutes? Felt more like 30 minutes! Fascinating discussion that moved from one topic to another (Top 5, News, Trailer Trash), it almost felt like an episode of The Simpsons. Easily the best podcast I heard this week. Well done….

    Glad to know I can make you guys laugh, even if it is at my own expense. You well and truely busted my Snowballs! LOL. All good fun.

    When you have a truely rockin’ episode I will use the right email address.

    I enjoyed the show, though I can’t stand that Faces Of Death trailer and really wish I hadn’t watched it. I can’t think of any redeeming quality about such a movie.