It Came From The West: A Zombie Western with Puppets!

If you’re a fan of Team America World Police, or Peter Jackson’s cult classic Meet The Feebles, you should definitely check this next movie out. It’s a short film out of Denmark called It Came From The West… and it was shot entirely with a cast of puppets! The short is being billed as the world’s first “zombie western”, and while I’m not convinced it’s the world’s first (From Dusk Till Dawn? Oh yeah, they were vampires.), it’s still a pretty unique idea. It looks like the movie will be filled with all kinds of blood and gore, and a fully dubbed English version is in the works. The one disappointing thing is that it’s only 17 minutes long, but after hearing how much of a nightmare Team America reportedly was, I guess there’s a reason why we don’t see more feature films with puppets. Check out the trailer now on YouTube, and visit the official site for more info at

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