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This week on the Film Junk podcast, we take a look at David Fincher’s Zodiac, and count down our top 5 favourite reality shows, in addition to mulling over new Star Trek XI casting rumours, the G.I. Joe live action movie, and James Cameron’s Lost Tomb of Jesus. We also look at some new trailers for Disturbia and Year of the Dog, and Greg feels the need to vent when he fails to win once again in the Tim Horton’s “Roll Up The Rim” contest. You’re simply the best.

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  • Henrik

    The TMNT Tv spot. Watch it!

    I was alittle worried that the arrogance that my accent undeniably brings with it was going to destroy the filmjunk podcast, but it seems to have survived.

    I think it was a good show. I liked the longer review very much. Reviews are way more interesting than news I got to say. The top 5 is pretty wack, but whatever… I think you should have used my old suggestion of “Top 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger lines” instead, but maybe in a future show!

    As for future VS. shows, I guess I’ll pitch in with some matchups that I think could spawn some genuinely interesting movie-related discussion? There’s a fun one or two in there as well:

    Minority Report VS. A Clockwork Orange

    Mel Gibson VS. Russel Crowe

    Dr. Strangelove VS. Thirteen Days

    Leonardo DiCaprio VS. Edward Norton

    Also, if I could give a small plug, yesterday I saw Ken Loach’s 2006 Palme D’or winner “The wind that shakes the barley”, starring Cillian Murphy (the scarecrow…), and I looked it up and saw that it’s opening in North America soon. It’s definitely a movie worth checking out. I was a bit disappointed with the first half of the movie, but it really picks up and becomes interesting, and the 2nd half actually makes it more than worthwhile. If you’ve seen any of Ken Loach’s other movies and enjoyed them, you will like it, and if you haven’t, this is a pretty accesible place to start. I’d recommend it to anybody who likes watching a good movie.

  • I wanted to get on Talkshoe but I had to finish an essay. So I’ll post my comments while listening to the MP3

    What happened to ‘So you think you can dance’ on the poll? That movie gets the most viewers of all, besides ‘American Idol’.

    Paul Verhoeven for the GI Joe movie?

    Most brutal stabbing scene: either Vito Corleon killing Don Ciccio in Italy (the slicing of the gut) in Godfather 2, or (in my opinion) Joe Pesci stabbing a guy at the bar with a pen in Casino..

    Versus episode ideas
    Sci-Fi vs. Horror
    B/W vs. Colour