The Latest Star Trek XI Casting Rumours

There have been no shortage of rumours flying around about casting for Star Trek XI, but I haven’t been following them too closely because initially it just seemed like it was too early for anyone to really know anything. Now that J.J. Abrams has officially signed on as director, and the Starfleet Academy backstory seems to be solidifying, I decided to look into things a little further, and see exactly who is supposedly being considered. According to IGN, here’s how the major roles are currently shaping up.

First of all, it seems that Matt Damon is indeed the frontrunner to play the young Captain Kirk, and negotiations with Paramount are reportedly quite far along. Next up, we have word that Spock may be played by Adrien Brody… that’s two Oscar winners so far, not too shabby. Now the next one is the one I happen to like the most: Gary Sinise taking over for the late DeForrest Kelley as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy! Isn’t that perfect? I thought so. These would seem to compose the “big 3″, and sources say they are the closest to signing on. Previous rumours have included James McAvoy (The Last King of Scotland) as Scotty, and Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) as Sulu. What do you think… is the new Star Trek shaping up in a way you are happy with?

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  • This is definitely going to display Star Trek in a new light for those people who look at it as something for nerds. Never before has an A-List cast taken a shot at a Star Trek film, and the fact that one of the hottest television producers is in charge will definitely bring some new fans to the table. This is going to rule.

  • Henrik

    I guess casting rumors aren’t so bad when it’s Star Trek eh?

    Seriously though, if this was the cast that would be awesome. I haven’t seen M:I-3, and wasn’t a big fan of any of Abrams’ TV shows, so I have my doubts there, but Star Trek is not that hard to make good. I mean there has been a ton of hacks working on the movies, and most are still watchable at worst. I have a hard time imagining Star Trek without the enterprise though. Is that really going to work? I have faith in the project, but if the casting process gets drawn out, and they fail to land a solid cast of stars and known character actors, I would be very worried. Obviously somebody like Matt Damon is only going to play an iconic role like Captain Kirk if the script is excellent.

  • Ian

    This director and potential cast sounds like it might result in a good sci-fi movie but I don’t know if all the bagage from Trek will make it darn near impossible to accomplish this. I would be more able to buy it if they just did a Trek movie with a new set of characters.

  • Pacifistopheles

    I’ve always thought that A-List actors tend not to fare well in science-fiction films. Science-fiction films tend not to require much “realistic” acting and A-List actors can flounder in unnatural situations. The only actor that I can think of that won an Oscar for a science-fiction film was Cliff Robertson for Charly. This acting role suited the Oscars because it required Cliff Robertson to act mentally retarded.

    One thing I wanted to mention was that in the canon of Star Trek, James T. Kirk was a book-worm and not much of a dynamic character. So, Trekkies are bound not to like the young Kirk portrayal because I can’t imagine Abrams making a “dull” Kirk for his film.

  • I do agree about the A-List actor thing to an extent. Although I like all of these people individually, I’m a bit unsure as to how it would all work together. I guess it depends if the script is going to be a little more serious and dramatic.

    They’re trying the same method with all the comic book movies lately, and I think it’s a bit silly. Studios think that throwing acting talent at a funny book gives it artistic credibility, but sometimes you don’t want deep performances.