Mark Wahlberg for G.I. Joe Live Action Movie?

File this one under the “I’ll Believe It When I See It Department”, but there is a rumour floating around right now that says Mark Wahlberg is the first choice to star in an upcoming live action adaptation of the popular toy line and 80’s cartoon G.I. Joe. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has been sitting on the rights to a G.I. Joe movie for a while now, and like a lot of producers out there, I’m sure he’s waiting to see just how well Michael Bay’s Transformers movie does. But in a recent interview he apparently revealed that he has Wahlberg in mind to star as Duke… and Marky Mark just can’t say no. “I’ll do whatever Lorenzo wants me to do; it really depends on the script, obviously, but it’s a cool idea. He says it’s going to be kick ass, so yeah.”

I’ve always thought G.I. Joe would make a much more interesting movie than the Transformers, and not just because it revolves around human beings instead of giant transforming robots. It’s actually a concept that’s pretty relevant too, because G.I. Joe is an anti-terrorist organization, and we all know that terrorism is a hot button topic at the moment. The story supposedly will focus on the creation of Cobra and the rise of Cobra Commander (obviously they’re setting this up to be a long-running franchise, like everything else nowadays). Other characters that will make an appearance include Destro and Stormshadow, along with Hawk and Snake Eyes. Hey sign me up… but if the Transformers is a smash hit, you can expect every other viable 80’s cartoon to be up on the big screen within a couple of years.

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