Oscar Ratings Up Slightly From Last Year

Well despite all the criticism of Ellen hosting the Oscars this year (to me she was just there… she was too laid back to be really annoying), it seems that the ratings have improved since last year’s show. Not by much though. The show drew 39.9 million viewers, as compared with 38.8 last year — and somehow I doubt the host really had anything to do with it. I actually heard that this was still the 3rd lowest viewership for the Academy Awards in the last 15 years. A lot of people complained that last year’s nominees were too artsy for a lot of the mainstream audience (which they typically are every year), but this year I thought Martin Scorsese’s The Departed was a movie that a lot of people could root for. All I know is they need to shorten the damn show… 3 hours is long enough, but it always goes way beyond that too.

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