James Cameron Has Located the Tomb of Jesus

Ever since Titanic, James Cameron fans have patiently watched as the filmmaker embarked on a 10 year detour into the world of science and exploration. From Expedition: Bismarck to Ghosts of the Abyss to Aliens of the Deep, he was bitten by the bug of research and discovery and used his status as a well-respected director to delve into subjects that he found personally fascinating. I can’t blame him… I probably would do the same, given the opportunity. But now, just when he’s on the verge of getting back to the world of big budget fictional films, he has unveiled the strangest scientific inquiry yet: The Lost Tomb of Jesus.

This Sunday, March 4th, the Discovery Channel will air a new documentary produced by Cameron that showcases the finding of 10 small caskets outside of Jerusalem that they believe may have belonged to Jesus and his family. Markings on the ossuaries bear the names of Jesus, Mary and Judah, son of Jesus. Not only would this disprove the idea that Jesus rose from the dead and ascended to heaven, but DNA evidence also seems to show that Jesus and Mary may have been married. Talk about stirring the pot! For someone who is so into science, this seems like a pretty dubious claim, and I have to wonder if Cameron may have been talked into something simply because he knows nothing about it. He said himself that the evidence is “pretty darn compelling”… to the layman’s eye that is. Still I suppose he must really believe in it, and hopes to bring some credibility to the project with his name being attached. Heck, I’m curious now, but I don’t see how this will be taken any more seriously than previous such investigations. For more info and videos, visit the Discovery Channel website.

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  • The thing that drives me crazy with this whole thing is that the burden of proof is on these guys to prove that Jesus didn’t rise from the dead.

    Now sit back and let me repeat that. People aren’t satisfied that this debunks the FACT that JESUS AROSE FROM THE DEAD.

    This world is backwards.

  • Scott

    They’re not trying to disprove anything.
    Even if they do conclude that it likely was Jesus’ ossuary, that doesn’t *disprove* that he rose. I don’t think it ever says that the Risen Christ necessarily had all the same atoms as the one that died. It’s more of a spiritual thing.
    The real trouble may arise from the “married with a kid” thing.

  • Goon

    its mildly interesting from a purely historical perspective and also from a muckracking ‘how will people react’ level, but i dont think this is really blockbuster news. no matter what ‘evidence’ he has christians will still go on believing what they want to believe. and as jay said, the onus isnt on others to disprove anything – extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and Christians do not meet that standard.

  • Henrik

    The number one prerequisite of faith is that it can never be proven though… If it could be, it would just be fact.

    People who have terrible lives and aren’t strong enough to take responsibility for it themselves needs the faith to get by in their daily lives. This definitely won’t change that. The faith often times isn’t even at all connected to the details of the scriptures and stuff, it’s just an abstract thing that gives some weak people hope.

    So this is pretty inconsequential. The people who believe won’t care, and the people who do not believe especially will not care.

  • For anyone in Canada who wanted to see this, it’s not airing on the Discovery Channel here, it’s airing on Vision TV on Tuesday night at 9pm.