Justice League of America Movie In The Works

Potentially huge news for DC Comics fans this week, as Warner Brothers have taken the first step towards making a Justice League of America movie a reality. They have reportedly hired the husband/wife screenwriting team of Kieran and Michele Mulroney (any relation to Brian and Ben?) to write the script. They previously contributed to the script for the upcoming Alexandre Aja film Mirrors.

Now before everyone gets too excited, I think there are a lot of issues that would still need to be worked out in order for a JLA movie to actually happen. One of the big questions is whether or not to use the same cast members from their current Superman and Batman franchises (Brandon Routh and Christian Bale) along with whoever they potentially cast in their Wonder Woman and Flash films. It would certainly keep with the continuity of the DC Universe that we’ve seen on screen, but could make for a pretty massive and unwieldy budget. On the other hand, a Justice League of America movie could potentially be the biggest comic book movie ever made. I mean, out of all the DC properties, I think this is what I would want to see most. This is the premiere superhero team, and one that I grew up with. Either way, despite the challenges, I’d much rather see this than that stupid Batman vs Superman idea that’s been floating around for years. Thoughts?

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  • I agree that this is the film that I’d most like to see but I have the same concerns about who’ll play the roles. I don’t necessarily think they need to get whoever is playing them now but it would be ideal. To boot, how will this fit into (if at all) into the current individual films?

    Good idea but maybe it should wait a few years until these franchises take a break.