Sony Declares Blu-ray the Winner of the HD War

Well it seems like only yesterday that HD-DVD had sped out to a big lead over Sony’s Blu-ray format, but now after some impressive January sales figures, Sony is ready to declare Blu-ray the official winner of the high-definition war. According to Neilsen/VideoScan statistics, Blu-ray outsold HD-DVD by a ratio of 2:1 last month. The biggest seller for Blu-ray was the Jason Statham action flick Crank, which managed to move 7500 units; meanwhile HD-DVD’s top title was Batman Begins, which sold only 4100 units. Although the reasons for the January results are still open to debate, Sony has already decided to move ahead with this information and start rallying more consumers to their side. “The message that we’re going to put out to the consumer now is, now it is safe to make a choice. No more fence-sitting is needed,” explained Sony Home Entertainment president David Bishop. With prices starting to drop on the Blu-ray players, and a large number of titles still slated for release over the next few months, it’s possible that Sony could capitalize on this opportunity. More reliable statistics on the install base for each format will come this month as The Departed and Babel are released on both Blu-ray and HD-DVD. What do you think… are you finally ready to buy into the HD revolution?

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