Download Film Junk Podcast for Feb. 19th, 2007

This week on the program we are cursed with the eternal damnation of having watched Ghost Rider, and our punishment is that we must live to tell you about it. We also count down our top 5 conspiracy films, and discuss such hot topics as Blu-ray surpassing HD-DVD, the Milli Vanilli biopic, and new trailers for The Condemned and The Simpsons Movie. We also confirm that we will be doing a live podcast on Talkshoe during the Oscars next Sunday (more details will be announced soon). This is the podcast that will make you feel all the pain you’ve inflicted on others… download this week’s episode and repent.

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  • thesnowleopard

    Thanks for getting the comments section back up.

    ummm….now I can’t remember what happened in the podcast, except for Jay saying Ba-bel Ba-bel over and over at the end, which was pretty funny.

    Fav conspiracy movie is JFK.

    Now I’m gonna watch your versus videocast. See ya.