Zach Braff Is Probably Not Going to Star in Elliott Smith Biopic

You can probably file this one as nothing more than a ridiculous rumour, but I simply had to post about it because… well, bloggers love spreading unfounded rumours. There has been talk that the late indie rock superstar Elliott Smith will be getting the biopic treatment soon, and that Zach Braff is in talks to star. Now there are a lot of things that are questionable about this story, not the least of which is the fact that the main source of the info is an anonymous poster on a forum, who said the following: ” The AMAZING Zach Braff to play Elliot Smith in upcoming biopic… It’s coming this Christmas from Fox Searchlight, and should be INDY-TASTIC.”

With no other source to back this up, it’s pretty hard to take seriously. It also seems a bit too convenient that Zach Braff is mentioned… the same guy whose movie Garden State featured a hip indie soundtrack and launched The Shins’ career into the stratosphere. Would an Elliott Smith biopic even get greenlit? Sure his life was tragic and he embodies the phrase “tortured artist”, but do enough people actually know who he is? Feel free to give us your thoughts on the matter.

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  • jackson main

    I’m sure everyone who experienced any sort of fame through tallent would be interesting and I would definately see a movie based on Elliot. It would have to be a good actor though and someone who looked like him at least.
    In any case I don’t even think this is happening because Sean said before there is absolutely no source on this.

  • pointy j

    You’d have to overlook a lot about Elliott’s life to deem it ‘tragic’ or to reduce him to a ‘tortured artist’.

  • m

    The fact that they say it’s coming this x-mas yet they’re still in talks with Braff to star should be enough to dispell this silly rumor.

  • Deidre

    I think it would be amazing if they were gonna do something like this,but Zach Braff,that’s just too sad,I hate the guy.

  • I think they should make a movie of Elliott Smith. He is an AMAZING artist. When a good friend of mine first told me about the rumor that an Elliott Smith bio movie idea was buzzing around, I got ecstatic, and started researching all over google. I would indefinitely buy the movie, and thats special for me in the count that i never purchase movies. True though, that Elliott Smith might not be “famous” enough to have a movie made, I still strongly think that we would watch the movie. I’m not quiet sure of the idea of having Zack Braff play Elliott Smiths role. To me, he doesn’t seem dark and serious enough to play Elliott’s character, plus (no offense to you Mr. Elliott) Zack Graff’s nose isn’t big enough, (though they do have make up for that).
    I hope there reall is a Elliot Smith movie in production.

  • The Amazing Zach Braff

    It IS true! Just you wait!

  • umm…

    anybody who believes something because it was posted on a random message board is an idiot.

  • futurehead

    I hear its going to be Jim Carrey in the starring role with Milos Forman directing.

  • jim carrey?
    i really feel that if there’s going to be a movie about elliott’s life…it should be an unknown actor….someone who can actually play guitar and sing……there is no way in hell that jim carey could play guitar and sing like elliott. having an actor lip sync, and fake guitar will make the movie suck….plus jim carrey is too tall, and looks nothing like elliott.

  • spooky

    remember how bad gus van sants movie about kurt cobain was. a movie about elliott smith would be just as bad, but not good in theory unlike kurt. he was just a kid who graduated from college like most picked up a guitar and a crazy girlfriend and had things to say. shit his music was barely even produced and he recorded it all himself.

  • evan

    i think a movie about elliott smith would be good. i freaking love the guy and so does everybody else who is reading this, im sure. as far as him being famous enough, i don’t know. maybe not advertise the movie as a movie about elliott smith; but a movie about a tourtured musician, based on the life of elliott smith.
    i personally would love just a straight-up biopic, but others who dont know him or his music, just might not care enough.
    and as far as zach braff goes, i think he would do justice. but thats me, and i love zach braff.
    i would say johnny depp play elliot, but he looks nothing like him.

  • Caz

    Elliott never lived a tortured life. As one blogger had mentioned, to say that he had lived a tragic life is to be over looking everything else that happened in his life. He had a kind heart and appreciated people and wouldn’t be accepted by someone at the expense of someone else’s feelings. There’s more to Elliott then just some of his music that can become depressing.

    Not a lot of people know anything about who he is or what he was really like. Just because he wrote some amazingly sad songs doesn’t necessarily mean they were about him. Often times they were about friends of his that he was writing about and they (his songs) were always being changed. Up until they last minute until they were being recorded.

    He had some problems but who’s to say that we’re not all sorta messed up and somewhat tragic? He was just able to express his emotions through music in such a way, that just a lyric or a melody could cut you deep. It’s nothing like I have ever heard. Not a lot of artists can do that. He played some mean guitar.

    Zach Braff though, I don’t know. I absolutely love Elliott; his music is set as ‘default’ in my life. Every song he’s ever written is just beautiful.

    Those who loved this guy, are very protective over him and probably no-one would end up being right to play him. I definitely wouldn’t agree with Zach Braff. No mainstream person who you see all the time. They need to introduce people that we haven’t seen yet – young people with fresh faces.

  • Zacenroe

    If they do make a biopic on Smith, they need to do it with Patrick Fugit. He looks the part and has the acting chops to undertake such an emotional role

  • chris

    though i don’t buy this rumour at all i have to say i think paul dano would be the perfect actor to take the part.

  • grace

    i would watch the movie if they made it, but i really would rather they didnt. i dont think anyone they chose would ever be good enough to play Elliott. I would probably end up gagging during the movie esp. if it was Zach Braff. I didn’t really believe the rumours in the first place though. Why cant we just let Elliott rest in peace and enjoy him through music? Does his life have to be played out on the big screen?

  • big ES fan

    if they make an Elliott biopic, they need to get Joaquin Phoenix to play him. please not Zach Braff for Christs sake.

  • Belated ES movie wanted to seeer

    From the two year silnece, am guessing an ES bio/movie is not in the cards, at least not yet. Has anyone been able to convince that Oregon film maker, Gus van Sant to make a film about ES? Gus knew ES and makes grat flicks — I think he’d do it justice (though he may feel stung after that Cobain / Love floperoo he did.) I actually tried contacting GVS but was luckless in finding his number. (I note that Gus was popped for a DUI recently, and even his lawyers wouldn’t pass it along.)

  • if they do an elliott movie, it would be smart to get a no name actor… for several reasons.
    although braff is decent, he couldn’t pull off elliott well enough to do him justice.

    ha! i’d gladly play elliott smith, all i need is a haircut and some black dye! ha!

  • Eggshellman

    How about this guy? He looks a lot like him.

  • Kaci

    Yeah a lot of people know who he is! I think you would have to be stupid to not make a movie about him, the question is who is talented enough to write it and NO! Zach Braff is not an option!

  • spikey bumhead

    This dude…… also known as Y

    Was mates with Elliott also known as Steve

  • NickCook89

    Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood) is the man to play Elliott Smith.

  • pdx1981

    I agree that Paul Dano would be great. My friends and I were just talking about this yesterday and I said Paul Dano is the only person I can see pulling it off.

  • King of the Six String

    To Stackis: I wish you would just shut up. It is obvious that the only person you think capable of playing an Elliot Smith role is you, because you have hijacked his music and persona and have tried to make it your own without due disclosure. Go away already leech.

    The King

  • stackis

    Wow….The King. I never said I wanted to play Elliott. God you’re sort of an idiot.

  • bs
  • Al

    In my opinion Chris Lilley is the guy to play Elliott, he looks a decent amount like him already and would resemble ES even more with make up intended to do just that. He was also great on Summer Heights High and proved to be very versatile even though its a comedy. I think he could pull it off.

  • Robert

    Yeah, sure, you could make a movie about Elliott’s life but that wouldn’t be a very good idea. In present time, people have horrible taste in music. They listen to the dumb rap and Just Bieber crap that is the mainstream on the radio. They think that is good music because everyone else is listening to it so they think they need to so they will blend or be noticed. However, some people, have a different taste in types of music. That is more unique than others rather than the stupid mainstream crap that comes on everyday. I used to be one of those stupid, cocky indivisuals who think they are someone, when they listen to the stupid rap songs and act like their awsome 24/7. Then I droped that crap because I acted like a douchebag all the time and started listening to rock. Rock was better than the last for sure but I seemed like a freakin joc all the time and acted like I was badass, so that didn’t work. I started on Indie rock after that like Modest Mouse, Nuetral Milk Hotel, etc. I finally became more different and unique from the crowd and have a partial understanding and look on life. When I was introduced to Elliott Smith, I didn’t realize that he was a legend at the time but I said, ” Yeah, he’s pretty good. ” About that summer, Elliott changed my life. I had a totally different outlook on life and understanded him. Yeah, we all go through shitty times in our life and so did I. I didn’t always have someone there when I needed them. But Elliott was there when I needed him. I listened to his music so much and still do. What im tryin to say, is that some people may and will never know what good music is and they will probably think the stupid rap they listen to, is what that is. We get chosen to see what real, true meaningful music is and enter the door with unique kidns of music and if such a movie is made about Elliott Smith, then people will be saying, ” Man, he seems awsome, im gonna start listening to him and telling everyone I know about him. ” That’s what we don’t need. We don’t need alot of people knowing about Elliott because that’s not what he wanted. He didn’t want to be all rich and really famous like the rest, he just loved playing his music for people. If the whole world knew of Elliott Smith then the whole significance of him would just fade away and everyone would say that they ” knew who he was” and ” He’s so awsome “. To sum it up, Zach Braff, doesn’t seem like a good person to play the role of a folk rock/ Indie rock legend like Elliott Smith, becuse you have to get to know who he is before you actually make a movie about him. Zach Braff playing the Elliott Smith role, No. A movie about Elliott Smith, No. We have Elliott’s thoughts and feeling that he put into his music. We don’t need a bunch of douchebags going around singing his unique songs everywhere, because then, his music would be pointless….R.I.P. Elliott…Gone, but not Forgotten..