Chris Columbus Prepping Dilbert Live Action Movie

If you’ve ever worked in the I.T. industry, it’s pretty much a given that you find the Scott Adams comic strip Dilbert hilarious. I guess I must be the exception to the rule, however, because I’ve never quite found it all that funny. I mean, why does his dog work with him anyway? I don’t get it (…yes, I’m being difficult). Still, I appreciate the relevance of satirizing the white collar workplace, and I can totally understand why the character has become so popular over the years.

In 1999, Dilbert was turned into an animated series that ran for 2 seasons on UPN, and there was talk of a feature film but it never came to fruition. Now it looks like Dilbert may have another shot at the big screen. Chris Columbus of all people has reportedly picked up the live action rights to the comic strip, and is in the process of setting up the project with Warner Brothers. It’s unclear if Columbus has plans to direct it himself, but he doesn’t seem to have much else on the horizon (his last movie was Rent in 2005, and the first two Harry Potter flicks before that). I’m having a pretty hard time imagining the Dilbert characters played by real-life actors (that boss with the pointy hair is going to be totally wack), but with the popularity of The Office on TV and Mike Judge’s cult classic Office Space, I think the audience for this flick is ready and waiting.

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