Download Film Junk Podcast for Feb. 12th, 2007

This week on the Film Junk podcast, Greg is back from Montreal and he’s got a bone to pick with Quentin Tarantino! We also count down our top 5 drug-related movies, and discuss Ghostbusters 3 in CG, direct to DVD sequels such as The Goonies 2, and trailers for The Hills Have Eyes 2 and Across The Universe. All this, and we manage to field a few questions from the live chatroom as well. Get hosed you hoser… indulge in this week’s episode now via the links below.

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  • Henrik

    This was the best episode Talkshoe-wise I think. The ending was a bit rough though.

    Friends was awesome. But you can keep all your melodrama-shows, just don’t come whining when it’s season 4 and nothing makes any sense anymore. I’ll just watch Frasier, Friends, Married with Children and the Cosby show. Good exposable entertainment, which is what TV can do. I’m tired of seeing these shows in outlandish environments where everytime they have a conversation, the one guys face will be covered in shadows.

    I was joking a bit about the 3 stooges part. Not a big fan of either Spielberg or Donner, but I did like Home Alone (and the remake), and I liked very much especially Harry Potter 2.

  • Henrik

    *disposable. Though I guess the Cosby show does expose some things from time to time.

  • I’m surprised “Requiem for a Dream” didn’t make the drug movie cut for any of you. I thought for sure it would make at least one of your lists!