Peter Hyams To Remake Capricorn One

Well now here’s a movie I certainly didn’t think would ever get remade. Back in 1978, Peter Hyams (End of Days, The Relic, Timecop) directed a sci-fi conspiracy thriller called Capricorn One. The movie starred Elliott Gould, James Brolin and yes, everyone’s favourite spaceman O.J Simpson, as NASA astronauts who discover that an Apollo Mars mission was faked. It’s definitely a cool subject for a film; there are theories that the Apollo moon landing was not real, and Hyams managed to make a movie about this by changing the story a bit and adding some fairly exagerrated fictional twists.

Well now, nearly 30 years later, Hyams is developing a remake of the film called… Capricorn Two. So I guess it’s kind of like Evil Dead 2, in that it’s a remake masquerading as a sequel. Peter Buchman (Jurassic Park III, Eragon) is writing the script. Personally I’d love to see a good movie about the actual moon landing, although a direct remake of Capricorn One doesn’t seem all that interesting… or marketable. Who knows, maybe the upcoming Billy Bob Thornton flick The Astronaut Farmer will rekindle interest in movies about astronauts. What do you think?

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  • I hope you’re right and that “The Astronaut Farmer” gets people interested in making good space movies again. And though I like the idea about a moon landing movie though I like this even better. The conspiracy theorists would have a field day with this one.

  • thesnowleopard

    I love Capricorn One. It is one of those seminal movies from my youth when I was just becoming aware of their power. Not that C1 is a great movie, but it had a big impact on me. Plus it has Jack McCoy..I mean Sam Waterston.. as one of the astronauts.

  • bridget

    I am sooooo excited that this film is being remade!! Capricorn One is one of my ALL time favorite movies. Now if could only be in the remake….so cool.:)

  • Susanna Leslie

    Oh I do wish Mr. Hyams would run his script remake by me first so I can help as a sounding board before he invests any money in it.
    I just rewatched the film for the first time in thirty years courtesy of its TCM premiere. There is so much potential for a first rate political thriller and so many wonderful visuals in this film, along with a magnificent Jerry Goldsmith score, but the film is undermined with too many plot loopholes and distracting sprinkles of forced humor that unfortunately work against it all of which could have been corrected and should be for the remake.

  • Elaine Coleman

    Please remake, remake – we must find out what happended with Waterston’s and Simpson’s characters…..since we did not actually see them die…..I’m a writer too; and would welcome this film being remade….I would love to see the Director pick up from the memorial service, and you know those other two “widows” are wondering about their spouses; can you imagine the letdown, again, once they find out their husbands are not with Brubaker? But again, we never saw them get killed in the movie, even though they did the flares……I’m ready for the 2nd Capricorn, I say bring it on!

  • MikeH

    Not to be picky, but C1 was about a faked Mars landing, not a faked Apollo landing as the original author states. It’s based on the rumors of the Apollo being fake, but the story is about Mars. And the astronauts don’t “discover” it was faked, they are forced to fake it themselves.

    Did you see the film, sir?

    Great film. As with all remakes/sequels, I’m skeptical but if they do it right I’ll support it.

  • mikem

    would anyone else agree that cap 1 had the worst ending of an otherwise exciting thriller, ever?
    this movie rocks for two hours and then is wrapped up like a cheap epidsode of CHiPs. okay, brolin made it, where are OJ and sam? dead? nobody tells us. hyams ran out of ideas and gave us bad slo-mo freeze frame ending. weak.

  • fan

    Sorry but it was clear that O.J. and Sam were brought back into the deserted facility, their fate would have been decided only after retrieval of all three spacemen. Nice ending :)

    Any news on Capricorn 2 ?

  • gregoes

    ‘fan’, how is it really clear? I seem to remember that in the book O.J. was buried and the mound was shot 4 times. After climbing the final rockface Sam was pushed back over the precipice and fell 200 feet. I’d be surprised if either of them made it :( the story was a bit prescient about nasa’s problems with heat-shield reliability on re-entry as well. a great film and novel nevertheless – bring on the remake!

  • it’s not clear but the book and the film don’t tie up. They could well be alive in the film.