The Goonies 2 Going the Direct to DVD Route?

I can remember playing the Goonies II Nintendo game when I was a kid, but at the time I never really thought twice about the fact that there was no movie sequel to coincide with it. Now, some 19 years later, it appears that a Goonies sequel may finally get made. The question is, will it be based on the video game???

In all seriousness, there has been talk of a Goonies 2 for many years now, and it never seemed to amount to much despite Richard Donner’s best efforts to get something started. But now all of a sudden, the WB is interested in making a sequel to just about any and every property they own. It’s all a part of this sudden direct-to-DVD craze that started with those American Pie sequels (which sold like crazy, as it turns out) and has continued with The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning and the upcoming New Jack City 2 and The Lost Boys 2.

Over at Moviehole, a scooper inadvertently revealed that Goonies 2 was under consideration for a Warner Premiere release (ie. their direct-to-video line) while also addressing the rumours of a Gremlins 3 title. The Dukes of Hazzard, New Jack City… even The Lost Boys or Gremlins I am not all that attached to. But doing a direct to DVD sequel for Goonies is simply crossing the line! How could another Goonies movie even work without the same cast? I bet it will be Goonies: The Next Generation. Someone needs to put a stop to this crap before it gets out of hand!

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  • Henrik

    Star Trek: The Next Generation worked out pretty amazing, so why can’t Goonies?

    I know this is a shit company and this movie will be a terrible piece of turd that will forever taint the original, but the idea of a sequel at all shouldn’t be that hard to take? I haven’t seen Goonies, and I am too old to have any interest at this point, but if the original concept has enough of a backbone, it can withstand an entire new skeleton around it, like Star Trek. (I’m not a big metaphor-guy, hope you get the point.)

  • Star Trek was an episodic television show.

  • James

    It’s already out of hand.

  • Goon

    well if has to happen – would you prefer diferent actors doing the same characters, or would you like it to be the kids of the parents with the original cast returning as adults.

  • jackson main

    How could they? Why even make this if it’s going to straight to dvd? This isn’t like making a shitty sequel to Poison Ivy, this is the Goonies! A classic!

  • this doesn’t sound like you sean. so much anger! but it’s completely understandable. the wb sounds like it’s turning into disney.

    if every actor of the goonies could come together for the audio (and visual) commentary for the dvd, i’d hope they would at least all make appearances in the sequel. i’d also hope that mikey says “the rich stuff” a couple hundred times during the film.

  • Minnie

    Ah! How could they make a second Goonies now?! Of course it’ll be all new kids and a random storyline that has nothing to do with the old film…they’ll ruin it.
    Don’t they realize Goonies is the sort of movie that you CAN’T make a sequel too, because the sequal will never come remotely CLOSE to the original!