Dan Aykroyd Says Ghostbusters 3 Will Be CG

With all the excitement that the rumours of a new Ghostbusters video game recently stirred up, our buddy Dan Aykroyd seems eager to capitalize on the situation. As we all know, he’s been trying to get a 3rd Ghostbusters movie off the ground for years, but unfortunately none of the other original cast members have been all that interested (read: desperate). Well now Aykroyd seems to have come up with a plan that even has Bill Murray on board: a computer-animated Ghostbusters movie. Wait… what???

I may be unfairly biased against CGI right now because there are so many damn generic talking animal movies out there, but I really don’t like the thought of this. I’m guessing Aykroyd saw some of the video game footage and thought it looked pretty damn impressive (which it did) and instantly saw a solution to his problem. Unfortunately, I don’t think a CGI Ghostbusters film will be anywhere near as good as a live action Ghostbusters movie. The Garfield movies are proof that you need more than Bill Murray’s voice to get across his humour, and you know that any studio that takes this on is going to expect the movie to be geared more towards kids than adults. (I’m guessing this film will no longer be based on Aykroyd’s Ghostbusters In Hell script.) The question is, is this better than nothing? Personally, I’d rather have nothing instead of a CG substitute for Ghostbusters 3. What do you think?

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  • I don’t think this is “better than nothing”. I’d rather see nothing than some sorry ass bad attempt to revive the franchise. This CGI flick could totally kill any hope of us ever seeing another live action Ghostbusters flick.

  • Chopper

    enough of this CGI shite, if no one wants to do another flick, then you have to move on. i would like to see the Ghostbusters again, a couple of decades later and see where they are at. but no to CGI!

  • joe

    Dan akroyd talks about ghosrbusters 3 but there is more likely seeing a game then the movie as of right now he is working with getting everything started. the cgi thing is a ok thing b/c now he can put everything that orginally wrote in the script into the movie. but i still perfer a live action movie. ANd i cant wait for the game to come out!

  • outhouse

    stop the production i think murray and the rest would be on board if they read my script,i have the entire thing i need to get in touch with ramis and akroyd fast.

  • CGI would be a HORRIBLE way to remake this movie!! I’m dying to see a new Ghostbusters flick, with the possible casting of the following:

    Owen Wilson
    Luke Wilson
    Will Ferrell
    Ben Stiller
    Jack Black
    Vince Vaughn

    Any of these guys would be an absolute riot!