Download Film Junk Podcast for Feb. 4th, 2007

This week on the Film Junk podcast, we force ourselves to watch Bob Saget’s atrocious Farce of the Penguins just to tell you what you already knew… it sucks! (Greg has no idea what he was missing while he was away in Montreal.) We also count down our top 5 movie dismemberment scenes, discuss the moronic nature of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force terrorist scare, contemplate a new Batman movie without Katie Holmes, and take a look at the trailer for Uwe Boll’s Postal. It’s almost enough to make you want to go postal yourself. Download the MP3 below and test your own threshold of pain right this very minute!

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  • Matt Raimondo

    Three commentaries I highly recommend, if you haven’t seen/heard them. Spinal Tap, Michael Mckean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer do the commentary in character. Dude Where’s My Car is really funny, Ashton Kutcher and Sean Scott basically talk about the hot extras on camera and how drunk/high they were in each scene. Lastly, Total Recall; I dare you to translate the dialogue between Schwarzenegger and Verhoeven. Pay attention to the discussion of the three-breasted woman. This would make a great poll by the way.

  • Henrik

    As for commentaries, Sam Mendes on Road to Perdition is good. Fight Club is good. John Carpenter does do very good commentaries. I have Starman, The Thing & Precinct 13 and they are all good. The commentaries in character I have no patience for.

    The show was a little sombre this week. I guess you guys just were so caught up in all the Superbowl hype and couldn’t wrap your minds around the moving movie-issues.

    How do you feel about Peyton Manning finally getting his ring?

  • Goon

    jay the Sarah Silverman Program is sorta like Stella if you’ve ever seen that. not a sketch program as i thought. its one of those loose concept sitcoms with divergences everywhere.

  • Goon

    okay just finished watching it. i dont know how long they can keep it fresh, but i was impressed with what i saw. the show goes all over the place, and in its 20 minutes was more interesting than her movie was at any moment. theres still music but it fits in seemlessly and they’re kept short enough to be funny. instant cult classic, will divide audiences, thumbs up and i look forward to more.

  • Greg

    Weird how the show seemed sombre this week. You know…the same week I was in Montreal and not part of the show. Funny coincidence.

  • Greg, you are truly the life of the party.

    Seriously though I think it’s because we were dealing with such serious hard-hitting issues as cannibalism and terrorist attacks.

  • Greg

    You were probably just ill from Farce of the Penguins.

  • thesnowleopard

    I have nothing to say about this show. It just didn’t register at all.

  • Henrik

    Greg watch out, or next time it will be you who has to justify this pompous demeanor ;).