Film Junk Versus Episode 3: Owen Wilson vs. Luke Wilson

Wecome to episode 3 of the Film Junk Versus video podcast! On this week’s episode, we examine the pros and cons in an attempt to decide who reigns supreme, Owen Wilson or Luke Wilson! Two talented young fellas who’ve made a name for themselves for their quirky comedies and long standing memberships in the infamous Frat Pack go head to head in a battle of the ages. Will Luke Wilson’s straight man trump Owen Wilson’s Zoolander side-kickin’, Jackie Chan fish-out-of-waterin’, Wes Anderson collaberatin’ funny guy? Find out the answer in the video below!

  • Henrik

    This stuff is genuinely funny. Greg’s reaction to the impression was gold.

    I gotta say I don’t think Luke Wilson is that funny, but then again, I can’t really think of Owen Wilson in a hilarious role. I think the funniest movie he was in was Wedding Crashers, but he played a pretty straight man in that. I have not seen any of the Wes Anderson stuff though. Wait, Starsky & Hutch was hilarious. But you have to kick him down for Meet The Parents, Cars, Shanghai Noon, Around the world in 80 days & Behind enemy lines. That’s a lot of stinkers.

    Luke Wilson was in a movie called The Family Stone, which was good. He played a stoner, and he did a good job. And he was also in Anchorman, which is hilarious. I’ll take Luke Wilson, just because he’s the uglier one.

  • placenta

    I’ve heard from someone who knew him before he was famous that Owen Wilson is a complete asshole and “there’s a reason his nose has been broken so many times.” Even so, I still think he wins, if nothing else, for his incredible performance in Zoolander.

  • The man

    Owen Wilson is awesome but I’m going to have to go with Luke. His jaw is squarer and he was in one of the best X-File episodes of all time. And yes some women’s asshole are quite tasty. Especially Thai women’s assholes. I love Thai food but only after they’ve eaten it if you know what I mean.

    I’m a sick fuck.

    Read this on the podcast that would rock.

  • MyCharmingLife

    This is a reply to post #2. Hey dumbass get your facts straight before you start dissing other people and maybe you won’t look so damn retarded next time. Owen’s Nose was ONLY BROKEN TWICE IN HIS LIFE! Once in high school and once playing football with friends. And no Owen wasn’t an asshole before he got famous, he’s always been pretty straight up & cool anyway he’s my cousin, you dipshit. Maybe you shouldn’t write about heresay and stick with what you actually have experienced and witnessed for yourself then you might not look like a fucking idiot and sound like your a a total dickwad retard. Things that make you say hmmmmmmm………….. DUMBASS