Trailer for Uwe Boll’s Postal Hits the Web

After yesterday’s post about Uwe Boll’s upcoming big screen adaptation of the video game Postal, I’m sure we’re all dying to see a trailer. Well, ask and you shall receive! As expected, the movie looks extremely crass, vulgar and violent, not to mention amateurish and unfunny. It’s a filmmaking disaster of epic proportions, and yet Boll himself seems to think it’s okay because he’s trying to make it bad on purpose. He’s realized at this point that he can’t win, so he might as well just push things as far as he can. But is being extreme really all that exciting anymore? We’ve all seen worse I’m sure. While this will get him plenty of ironic attention on the internet, Snakes on a Plane already proved that just because people think your movie is ridiculous, doesn’t mean they’ll actually pay money for it. But surely you’re curious by now… check out the trailer for Postal below (and prepare yourself for a little Dave Foley full frontal nudity).


  • Henrik

    I can’t believe this… This is probably the best way in the world to market this. This trailer reminded me of the Grindhouse trailer which the same sort of ridiculous voice-over.

    I’m not going to see this movie, but I do think this is a better trailer than the other one for his medieval movie.